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Adding EGP grades to the new PS Portal and Importing your grades into SB 2000 Classroom (AKA Online Attendance). Before. After.

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Adding EGP grades to the new PS Portal and Importing your grades into SB 2000 Classroom (AKA Online Attendance)


Step 1 – File … Email/Internet1.In Easy Grade Pro go up to the File Menu and select Internet2. In the Internet Reports window click on the "Other" tab and then select Basmati as the report. Be sure to enter your Name in the box labeled Teacher

Version 3.6

Version 4.0

Step 3 Fill in the four items: Teacher, Email, Tchr ID, Phone #Click the radio button: “all current-term classes”

Version 3.6


Step 4 - Hit the “Create” button when you are done and save the Basmati.txt file (the file name is not important, so you can rename it) to your hard drive. The recommended place is your desktop

Click on the Choose File button and then select the “Basmati.txt” file that you just created in Step #3.
how to login to the new ps portal
How to login to the new PS Portal
  • Checking Grades in the Portal
  • Go on to posting your grades to SB 2000 Classroom only if you can successfully view your students grades’ in the staff portal!
  • If you cannot, then you must troubleshoot using the tutorial resource page available at

importing your grades to sb 2000 classroom

Importing your grades to SB 2000 Classroom


Automatically doing online grades!


Go to each period and verify

that each student has a grade

entered. You may add

comments if you wish. You

might need to manually choose

your student aides' grades.

Don’t forget to save each page when you make changes!

last step student marks errors activity
Last Step – Student Marks Errors Activity
  • In SB 2000 Classroom, go to “Activities” tab
  • Choose “Student Marks Errors”
  • Choose the correct grading period in the drop down menu (i.e. SEM 2 – FINAL)
  • Click Display Report
  • If student names appear, then you must manually input a grade for them.
  • If no student names appear, then you are done!

If the report looks like this, where no student names are listed after you press “display report”, then you are done.

  • If students are listed, then you must go back and manually input those grades under “class lists” and save that page correctly!” It is recommended that you retry this report again to double-check your work.