Mr x s weight loss plan
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Mr X’s Weight loss plan. Weeks 1 - 2. WELCOME MR X TO YOUR OWN WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. Overview of your plan

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Mr x s weight loss plan

Mr X’sWeight loss plan

Weeks 1 - 2

Mr x s weight loss plan



Mr x s weight loss plan

Overview of your plan

In your plan we will concentrate on using high intensity activities which will push your body to the limit and get that fat dropping off in no time.

The plan will also include nutritional tips along the way to give you all the tools you need to reach your goal.

  • How to loose weight

  • Weight loss is achieved by executing two principles effectively:

  • Reducing calories

  • Increasing activity levels

  • Many novices trying to loose weight will go on long runs, which they don’t enjoy, stick to the same diet and therefore end up quitting after a few weeks as they don’t see any results.

Nutritional tip

When on a fat loss programme swap your chocolate snack for a flap jack. Chocolate causes a spike in blood sugar levels which can leave you feeling down and even more hungry (that ‘Moorish’ feeling)

Mr x s weight loss plan

Week 1 – session 1

Fartlek training

Swedish for speed play, this type of training promotes fat loss and is quick fire way to bust your body into a fit and healthy state.

The basic principle behind this type of training is to work at different intensities for different durations. We will start this week with a relatively easy course to get you used to this type of training.

Warm up – stretch for 10 minutes before you start this session

Stride out hard for 90 seconds – light jog 30 seconds – ¾ pace 2 minutes – stride out 90 seconds – ¾ pace 1 minute – maximum effort 10 seconds – light walk 30 seconds

(Repeat this 3 times)

Mr x s weight loss plan

Week 1 – session 2

Progression is key

In order to continue making progress and keep loosing weight we need to progress your plan so be prepared for some hard work this session. Your body has had responded to your last session and is already starting to make adaptations!! Lets maximise these responses and adaptations and work your body to its full potential this session.

Warm up – stretch in the same way you did last session.

Stride out hard for 30 seconds – light jog 60 seconds – ¾ pace 3 minutes – stride out 30 seconds – ¾ pace 2 minute – maximum effort 10 seconds – light walk 30 seconds – light jog 30 seconds

(Repeat this 4 times)

Mr x s weight loss plan

You have reached the end of our sample workout