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大学英语自学教程串讲辅导 ( 上册 ) PowerPoint Presentation
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大学英语自学教程串讲辅导 ( 上册 )

大学英语自学教程串讲辅导 ( 上册 )

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大学英语自学教程串讲辅导 ( 上册 )

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  1. 大学英语自学教程串讲辅导(上册) 主讲人:高伟

  2. 第一部分一些需要注意的词汇、词组及句型 UNIT 1 disagree with not only…but also hundreds of with the help of guarantee neither…nor be different from mean to do succeed in doing sth. take away offer sth. to sb. (offer sb. sth.) consist of practice doing depend on instead of

  3. look for make a mistake (make mistakes) be willing to information be interested in sth. (in doing sth.) in order to on the other hand (might) do well to do sth.

  4. UNIT 2 be/feel sure of sth. attract attention lead…with… for the most part due persuade sb. to do sth. similar to sth furniture clothing be charged to available in addition to put out raise/rise be characteristic of spend on sth./in doing sth. catch the eye tend to (do sth) no more than identify…with carry over

  5. as well as put up with be responsible for decide on reach make an estimate of approve be involved in doing sth.

  6. UNIT 3 separate…from remain keep…from doing sth. more exactly make sb. do sth. keep tied to as…as except for between…and while few/a few keep… in (one’s) mind no more hung It takes sb. how much time to do sth. light up dry up speak of on an/the average just like/ just as little/a little nothing but crew affect pile up such+(adj.)+n.+that seem to

  7. UNIT 4 focus one’s attention on recall a number of/ the number of at a later time make sense in contrast help sb. do sth. look up rhyme be unable to make a difference allow sb. to do ability to do both… and in order turn on/off random be released from as follows be rewarded with needless to say represent refer to (doing) to begin relate… to sound alike associate with hold add to striking compare with integrated