world war two research project
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World War Two Research Project

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World War Two Research Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War Two Research Project. Rousler Milfort. Germany. Militarization of the Rhineland . Took place on March, 7 1936 When Hitler took power, this was the first act passed Troops were sent to Rhineland Felt offended cause of the treaty so they passed it

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militarization of the rhineland
Militarization of the Rhineland
  • Took place on March, 7 1936
  • When Hitler took power, this was the first act passed
  • Troops were sent to Rhineland
  • Felt offended cause of the treaty so they passed it
  • The treaty of Versailles was violated when this act was passed
  • One of the WW2’s cause
  • Czechoslovakia was devastated from the WW2
  • 1 million people had been killed due to the war
  • Hitler wanted to help the German population
  • People lost their lives and it was considered as a major events.
invasion of austria
Invasion of Austria
  • Allied-occupied Austria
  • This event was known as the Anschluss.
  • “the occupation and annexation of Austria into  Nazi Germany in 1938”
  • Hitler wanted to annex this territory because it was his birth country
  • Austria was fine of getting their own territory
  • This benefited Germany because they wanted to eliminate countries of refugees for their target people (Jews).
invasion of poland
Invasion of Poland
  • Known also as the September Campaign
  • Germany/Hitler invaded Poland
  • Lasted about 35 days
  • Occurred one week after the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact which was a non- aggression pact signed in Moscow
battle of france
Battle of France
  • Known as the Fall of France
  • German invaded France
  • Lasted 1 month and 12 days
  • June 22nd, an agreement was signed between France and Germany
  • France got divided, Germany took over the North and the West.
  • Kept some French prisoners also
battle of britain
Battle of Britain
  • Between German and the British
  • Lasted 3 months and 3 weeks
  • The objective of this was to gain air superiority.
  • Largest air battle ever
  • Tried to prevent Germany from getting air superiority.
  • Hitler threatened to
invasion of russia
Invasion of Russia
  • “There has been no war like it”
  • 25 million soviets citizens died
  • Since the Russian were communist, the Germans didn’t like them
  • 24 June  – 14 December 1812

Napoleon's withdrawal from Russia, a painting by Adolph Northern.

  • The actions of Germany provoked the world to go to war because throughout these events, Germany was trying to take over everywhere. They were always fighting over territory. They tried to take over France, Britain, Poland, Austria etc. They were mostly the reason why WW2 started.
  • When WW1 ended and when the nations came up with the treaty of Versailles, Germany felt offended and they started to break the rules.
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rape of nanking
Rape of Nanking
  • Known as the Nanking Massacre.
  • 300,000 people died in 6 weeks
  • It was a mass murder, Japanese invaded China
  • Captured Nanking which was the capital of china
  • 20,000 females were raped which also involves kids and elderly people
  • Japanese thought that they were better than U.S, and when they invaded Nanking, they killed all these people.
  • This happen before and through WW2
pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor
  • Known as the Hawaii Operation
  • Occurred on December 7, 1941
  • U.S got attacked by surprise by the Japanese
  • About 2330 U.S soldiers lost their lives and about 1500 were wounded
  • “from 7:55 a.m. until 9:45 a.m.”
  • Japanese wanted to be in control of the Pacific , thought that U.S was weak and attacked them
  • Since it was a surprise attack, they had the benefit
  • Claim that they tried sending the message
bataan death march
Bataan Death March
  • This was when the prisoners of the Bataan war got transferred to Balanga
  • The march was 80 miles long and throughout the way, prisoners got abused
  • Before they reached their destination, around 100-650 Americans died.
  • The Japanese were unprepared and didn’t feed the prisoners, mistreated them, beheaded those who fell on the ground
  • Japanese took advantage of it and killed many prisoners
iwo jima
Iwo Jima
  • Known as operation detachment
  • Fight between the American army and the Japanese
  • U.S was trying to conquer an island (Iwo Jima Island)
  • Lasted a month, was the bloodiest war in the Pacific
  • It resulted with the American succeeding
  • Japanese were aware that they wouldn't succeed, but they left may casualties
  • “The United States wanted Iwo Jima because of its location. It was only 660 miles south of Tokyo”
  • Known as operation Iceberg
  • Okinawa was an island
  • Lasted 82 days
  • The Americans wanted to invade Okinawa
  • After the war, about 100,000 Japanese died
  • They wanted to use Okinawa as a base for air operation
  • Last battle between the U.S and Japan
  • The U.S won the war
  • Throughout all the battles between Japan and U.S, we learn that Japan was kind of the bad guys because they mostly started everything. They express themselves as superiors towards the U.S and anyone who tried to stop them. They accomplished terrible things such as the Rape of Nanking when lots of females got raped and they killed many people.
  • Even though they were kind of behind all of this, every time they fell down and they were defeated by the U.S and their allies, they got right back up and they continued to try defeating them. They didn’t want to surrender at all, anyone who surrendered would be killed. That was why they lost.
  • The action of these two countries provided the world to go to War because so many people were dying, Germany and Japan were killing people. They all wanted power and they would do anything to get a hold of that. The U.S were also a little responsible but it wasn’t entirely their fault.
  • To prevent this whole thing from happening again, one necessary step is to make sure when there are problem, you talk it out first and compromise. If they did compromise, this would've never happened and just because of them not talking it out, many people died
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