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Philippine Gaming Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Philippine Gaming Industry

Philippine Gaming Industry

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Philippine Gaming Industry

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  1. A survey of gaming culture and industry of the Philippines, particularly Filipino-made and developed digital games. Philippine Gaming Industry

  2. Narrative vis-a-vis Cyclical Immersive Interactive Are Digital Games Art?

  3. Should it be made by a Filipino? Distributed by a Filipino? Should it reflect Filipino characters? Filipino values? Filipino legends and stories? Filipino history? What is a Filipino digital game?

  4. Developed by: Anino Entertainment Genre: RPG and adventure Platform: PC Released: 2003 ANITO: Defend a Land Enraged

  5. Anito is a single-player isometric adventure RPG set in 16th century Asia, in the land of Maroka. Maroka is an island besieged both by internal conflict and armored invaders from a faraway land who are slowly turning the island into their monarch's colony. When Datu Maktan, leader of the Mangatiwala tribe and the land's most influential peacemaker, mysteriously disappears, it is up to his children Agila and Maya to find him and restore the delicate peace that their father has kept in balance, before conflicting forces tear the land apart.

  6. Developed by: Nordenx (New version of game for different consoles developed by BHM Games) Genre: 2D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Platform: PC Online (Soon to be available in PC, Ipad, Ipod Touch and Iphone) Released: 2005 ANAK BATHALA

  7. In a time long before Islam or Christianity ever touched paradise, traders, nobles, warriors, warlocks, and demigods roam the archipelago. Seeking treasures and powers to unite the warring clans. There are some however who wants to keep the islands in darkness, calling forth demons and the powers of the malefic Gods of old. "Whosoever rise to the ranks of Bathala shall have the power to unite these lands."

  8. Babayin Script

  9. Published by: ABS-CBN Interactive Developed by: Hanbitsoft Genre: RPG Platform: PC Online Rating: 6.6 Released: 2004 TANTRA

  10. Tantra Online is a fantasy MMORPG loosely based on and inspired by Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The game was originally released in 2004, hence the graphics are somewhat dated. (This global edition was released in 2008.) Play as one of eight classes (4 for females, 4 for males) and go on quests and fight to level up. Pledge allegiance to one of three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, or Shiva, unlocking special skills unique to that god's followers, as well as setting up an ongoing battle between all three factions. In addition to three-way faction PvP, there are also solo and guild battle modes available. There is an item shop for optional upgrades.

  11. Support Trouble Shooting Unsolved “Bugs” Unavailability to other Consoles Marketing and Promotion Issues

  12. Contemporary Platforms

  13. Developed by: VITAS Genre: Online Casual Game Released: 2009 BANGU-BANG MANIA

  14. Pay-to-play scheme wherein players will top up their gaming cards with 50 pesos for one week play time, 100 pesos for 2 weeks and 200 pesos for one month play time.

  15. Developed by: Kuju Manila (former Matahari Studios, creator of Timezone games) Published by: Ubisoft (France) Distributed by: Datablitz (P2000) Genre: Mini-Game Collection Platform: Nintendo Wii Released: 2009 CIRCUS GAMES

  16. “Now if you'll excuse me, I have an audience to disappoint.” --Ringmaster

  17. Developed by: Anino Games Published by: I-Play, Oberon Media Distributed by: Apple App Store ($1.99) Genre: Strategy/Time Management Casual Game Platform: iPhone Released: 2009 TURBOSUBS

  18. Set in New York City, Turbo Subs is a fun-filled strategy/time management casual title for iPhone. Players manage Rebecca and Robert as they attempt to satisfy hungry New Yorkers in sandwich shops they put up around the city. Service busy customers and fend off thieves using iPhone's flawless touchscreen controls. Players are up for 60 challenging levels with 8 types of hungry customers. This tasty game has loads of upgrades and secret sauces.

  19. Developed by: Palmagick Entertainment Distributed by: Facebook Genre: Casual action game Platform: Social Networking Platform Released: 2010 WORDTROTTER

  20. There are 3 characters, or Wordtrotters, in the game—Woogly, the wizard's apprentice, and his two friends Weegly and Whaagly. Woogly and his friends live on the bug world Wordth, and are exiled by their elders for accidentally summoning an evil witch named Grimmar and a bunch of bug-eating monsters.

  21. Created by: Fr. Maximo Villanueva (In Cooperation with Studio of Secret6) Published by: Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commission of Catechesis and Catholic Education Released: 2010 PAOLO'S JOURNEY

  22. In the game, 10-year-old Paolo falls into a deep well as he was looking for his kitten. Inside the well, he meets an angel who tells him to collect the 3 keys he needs to return home. As the player obtains a key, he advances to the next level of the game. In the first or easy level, the questions would be related to the Sacraments; in the second or medium level, the player would be asked about the 10 Commandments, and in the third or difficult level, the player would be tested on Christian values.

  23. Youth Violence Youth Aggression Isolating Device Desensitizing Device Contemporary Issues on Gaming

  24. Filipino Game Makers

  25. A Philippine third-party game developer for different platforms. It is composed of two sister companies—Anino Entertainment, which focuses on PC, console and virtual reality games, and Anino Mobile, which develops mobile games. The company takes its name from anino, a Tagalog word meaning “shadow.” Anino Games

  26. Located at the centre of Metro Manila, The Makati Central Business District (CBD) is the centre of business and finance in the Philippines. Most of the largest financial and business institutions in The Philippines have their headquarters in the Makati CBD as well as regional offices of multinational corporations and The Philippine Stock Exchange. This area is also one of the most expensive and prime real estates in the city with towering skyscrapers, luxury condos, posh shopping malls and world class hotels. In the Philippines, when you mean business, you’re address is in Makati’s Central Business District!

  27. Video Games as a meaningful form of expression. Video Games as Art?

  28. Hans Christian Arnseth Learning to Playor Playing to Learn

  29. José P. Zagal and Amy Bruckman Game Design Analysis History and Culture of Digital Games Theories of Game and Play Game Education