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  • Uploaded on NuPECC MEETING. June 12 - 13, 2009 Brussels. Director’s Report. Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD. Scientific activities at ECT*. Workshops in 2009. Collaboration Meeting SFB/TR55 Organizers: T. Hemmert / University of Regensburg A. Schaefer / University Regensburg

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nupecc meeting


June 12 - 13, 2009


Director’s Report

Achim Richter, ECT* and TUD

scientific activities at ect
Scientific activities at ECT*

Workshops in 2009

Collaboration Meeting SFB/TR55

Organizers:T. Hemmert / University of Regensburg

A. Schaefer / University Regensburg

# of participants: 37

Sign Problems and Complex Actions

Organizers:G. Aarts / Swansea University

S. Chandrasekharan / Duke University

# of participants: 26

scientific activities at ect3
Scientific activities at ECT*

Workshops in 2009

Simulations of Low and Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reactions

Organizer:J. Aichelin / University of Nantes

H. Wolter / University of Munich

# of participants: 22

Heavy Quarkonia Production in Heavy – Ion Collisions

Organizers:D. Blaschke / University Wroclaw

Ph. Crochet / University of Clermond-Ferrand

R. Rapp / Texas A.& M. University

# of participants: 45

scientific activities at ect4
Scientific activities at ECT*

Workshops in 2009

The 5th International Pion – Nucleon PWA Workshop and Interpretation of Baryon Resonances

Organizer:M. Giannini / University of Genova

A. Svarc / Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia

M. Sadler / Abilene Christian University, USA

L. Tiator / University of Mainz

# of participants: 40

Atomic Effects in Nuclear Excitation and Decay

Organizers:P. Walker / University of Surrey, UK

F.J. Currell / Queen's University, Belfast, UK

Jeff Carroll / Youngstown State University, USA

# of participants: 42

scientific activities at ect6
Scientific activities at ECT*

Planned workshops in 2010

David d’Enterria, Ralph Engel, Torbjorn Sjostrand: intention for a workshop in the spring 2010.

Title: “LHC cosmic rays”

Klaus Jungmann, Yorick Blumenfeld: intention for a workshop in 2010.

Title: “CP and T violation in atoms and nuclei”

Carlos Bertulani, Bira van Kolck: intention for a workshop in the summer 2010 (May-August).

Title: “The limits of existence of light nuclei“

Johannes Bluemlein, Harald Fritzsch, Michelangelo Mangano: intention for a workshop in the last week of September 2010.

Title: “LHC Physics”

Barbieri Carlo, Wim Dickhoff, Filomena Nunes, Jorge Piekarewicz: intention for a workshop in the spring or summer in 2010.

Title: “Nuclear reactions and nucleon properties in rare isotopes”

Alexis Diaz-Torres, Irene Burghardt, Craig C. Martens, Jeff Tostevin:intention for a workshop in the spring or summer in 2010.

Title: “Decoherence in quantum dynamical systems”

scientific activities at ect7
Scientific activities at ECT*

Joint Colloquium with the Physics Department

April 8, 2009

Achim Richter

Director of ECT*

“Playing Billiards with Microwaves: Quantum Manifestations of Classical Chaos”

scientific activities at ect8
Scientific activities at ECT*

Joint Colloquium with the BEC and the Physics Department

May 18, 2009

Ignacio Cirac

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Quantenoptik

“Quantum computers and communications systems”

The Joint Colloquium was followed by a Round Table discussion chaired by Prof. T. Calarco

postdocs in 2009
Postdocs in 2009


J.L. Albacete

D. Binosi (Qurope / ECT*)

T. Calarco (Consultant)

L. Scorzato (BEN AURORA / ECT*)

Bingwei Long

V. Lenski

May 31

Dec 31

Dec 31

Dec 31

Dec 31

Sep 30



A. Lisetskyy (Senior Res. Ass. : Nucl. Phys)

Announced resp. filled:

Senior Res. Ass. : Hadron Physics

Junior Res. Ass. : from Sep. 1, 2009

Junior Res. Ass. : from Oct. 1, 2009

Short list, 1st offer out

L. Fortunato

C. Ramirez

visitors in 2009
Visitors in 2009

Alberto Accardi

Andrea Beraudo

Jean-Paul Blaizot

Ignacio Cirac

Lorenzo Fortunato

Andreas Ipp

Marco Panero

Claudia Ratti

Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos

Short term:

(<1 month)

Paul Hoyer: 12 October-20 December

Georges Ripka: 15 March-30 June

Long term:


Status of BEN

  • BEN - a Teraflops supercomputer at ECT* - has been reviewed by the Scientific Board of ECT* at its 50th Meeting, January 10, 2009
  • No severe problems since then and 7 major projects (mainly from the U of Trento) were running
  • BEN is approaching 5 years of activity and is still an important computational resource for the community. Some investments would be needed to keep it running a few more years
  • However, when the AURORA project – a Petaflops supercomputer – will start, BEN will have to be shut down, since the access to its room is needed to install the first AURORA prototype module

Outline of the AURORA project

  • AURORA is a Petascale computing project for science and engineering
  • Joint effort between PAT / INFN / FBK-ECT* / U of Trento / FEM / ATreP / DEI PADUA and industrial partners EUROTECH and INTEL
  • Recent collaboration with the Russian supercomputing project SKIF – AURORA and with QPACE / Regensburg and PETAQCD / Orsay
  • Project is embedded into a large collaboration
  • Furthermore, the collaboration involves people with experience from the HPC/APE line developed by INFN / DESY / ORSAY / EUROTECH

Present Status of the AURORA project

  • Project of Petascale computing for science and engineering administered scientifically by ECT*
  • First discussions about the project with participants from the U of Trento and the FBK started about 2 years ago
  • Since then 3 scientific evaluations: one by an INFN committee, another one by a committee formed by the Scientific Board of the ECT* and also one by a scientific committee of the PAT
  • Finally, last month during a visit of the INFN President Professor Petronzio in Trento it was agreed upon that the PAT and the INFN prepare an agreement how the first phase of AURORA could be financed and executed.

Provisional budget of AURORA

4.4 Mio €

~ 4 “

~ 1.8 “

~ 2.2 Mio €

2 – 4

18 + 18 months

  • Originally requested
  • Envisaged to be granted
  • Prototypes
  • Personnel, meetings, schools, …
  • Research positions expected for ECT*
  • Approval in 2 phases
  • Decision still expected within June 09
  • Updates of AURORA will be given at each following meeting

Prototype of ~ 25 Tflops (at ECT*) should be working


Budget and Status of Funding

FBK / PAT + Outside funds = Budget

In 2007: 521 k€ + 633 k€= 1.154 Mio€

In 2008: 736 k€+ 539 k€ = 1.275 Mio€

In 2009: Still only a provisional budget of an amount 1.201 Mio€


New strict rules for Workshops

  • Presence sheet to be signed each day in addition to the presence book
  • Three categories of support: organizers 100%
  • participants 70%
  • participants
  • (self supported) lunches + 2 dinners
  • No travel support

Budget and Status of Funding

The official fixed start date of the Hadron Physics 2 project has been 01/01/2009. ECT* will be able to use € 450.000 for transnational access, i.e. any workshop, within the next two and a half years. First workshops have been partly financed through Hadron Physics 2. The Grant Agreement of the Hadron Physics 2 project has been counter-signed by the European Commission. Professor C. Guaraldo will send us shortly the ANNEX IV – FORM A - of the Grant Agreement to compile and to send back.


Fourteenpayment requests have been sent on April 22, 2009. So far, eleven countries have paid their contribution: Belgium (both Flemish and French speaking part) ,Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France CEA, France CNRS, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania. Seven countries still have not signed the MoU: Austria, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Funding agencies: