The color purple
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The Color Purple. Keysha Anderson 1 st Block. Alice Walker. Alice Walker The Author Of The Color Purple. The Characters. Miss Celie Mr. _____ Sofia Harpo Shug Avery Mary Angus. Miss Celie.

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The color purple

The Color Purple

Keysha Anderson

1st Block

Alice walker
Alice Walker

  • Alice Walker The Author Of The Color Purple

The characters
The Characters

  • Miss Celie

  • Mr. _____

  • Sofia

  • Harpo

  • Shug Avery

  • Mary Angus

Miss celie
Miss Celie

  • Miss Celie : She Was Mr. ______ Wife She Always Did As He Say Never Disobeyed Him . She Was Married Off At A Young Age . And Was Kind To Everybody And Was Always Mistreated . She Never Talked Back To Her Husband Because She Was Scared And

  • She Never Fought Back

The color purple
Mr. ______

  • Mr. _____ : He Always Beat On Miss Celie He Always Make Her Do As He Say. He Beat On Her Even When She Do As He Say . He Just Had Her There To Cook And Feed And Take Care Of His Kids . He Was Always Hatful To Her He Never Care About Her Feeling The Only Person That Really Cared About Her Was Shug Avery The Queen Honeybee . And His Real Name Is Albert


  • Sofia : Sofia Was A Crazy Lady She Went To Prison Because She Refuse To Be The Mayors Maid And She Pushed the Mayor Down For Getting in Her Face . Sofia Always Toke Up For Her Self . She Was Married To Mr. ______ Son Harpo , And After She Went to Prison Harpo Found Him A girlfriend And Her Name Was Mary Angnes. Harpo Tried To Beat Sofia But Sofia Fought Back She Wasn’t Like Miss Celie

Shug avery
Shug Avery

  • Shug Avery : She Was Miss Celie Husband Girlfriend. They Called Shug Avery The Queen Honeybee . She Was The Best Singer They Had Ever Heard She Was A Dark Skin Lady That Thought Miss Celie A lot Of Things . Shug Had Got Sick And Miss Celie Took Care Of Her Till She Got Better . Shug Was Mean At First But She Got Use To People Trying To Help Her


  • Harpo : Harpo Was Married To Sofia . And After A Little While When Sofia Got Tired Of Him Beating On Her , She Moved Her And Her Kids To Her Sisters House . Then Harpo Found A Girl Named Mary Angus . She Was Scared Of Harpo That’s Why She Lets Him Beat On Her . She Was A Very Nice Young Lady .

Mary angus
Mary Angus

  • Mary : She Was Always Kind . Her And Miss Celie Are Kinda Dealing With The Same Thing . They Both Get Beat On And Don’t Know How To Fight Back .


  • Nettie : Nettie is Celie's younger sister, whom Celie saves from living the tragic life that she had to endure. Due to the fact that Nettie is prettier than Celie, who has been dubbed ugly, "Mr." is originally interested in Nettie as a wife, but settles for Celie.

The theme
The Theme

  • The theme of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple is very straightforward and simple.  Like many other novels devoted to the mistreatment of blacks and black women especially, The Color Purple is dedicated to black women’s rights

The summary
The Summary

  • This book follows the life of Celie, a young black girl growing up in the early 1900's. The first time we see Celie, she is 14 - and pregnant - by her father. We stay with her for the next 30 years of her tough life...

The problem
The Problem

  • Celie Wants To Protect Her Little Sister Nettie From Pa And Then From Mr.__. But Mostly, She Just Needs To Stay Alive

  • CelieIs Forced To Marry Mr.__ And Sees This As An Opportunity To Get Nettie Out Of Pa’s Household. However, Nettie Is No Safer In Mr.__’s Home. When Nettie Refuses Mr.__’s Come-ons, He Kicks Nettie Out.