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Welcome to our Seminar/Workshop! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our Seminar/Workshop!

Welcome to our Seminar/Workshop!

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Welcome to our Seminar/Workshop!

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  1. Welcome to our Seminar/Workshop! Selling an Irrevocable Funeral Trust (IFT) to Your Clients • Earn tremendous commissions! • Huge opportunity to market to your current clients • Increase your income by thousands of dollars a month! • Shield dollars from the nursing home, assisted living facility and Medicaid FUNERALTRUSTS.COM - NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS OF IFTs

  2. Make your Client’s Life Easier • As an Attorney you provide valuable guidance for all your clients. • If you sincerely believe that your clients would be better off by having an Irrevocable Funeral Trust … • …Why should you send them to another person who will earn a commission for selling them an Irrevocable Funeral Trust? • If you have a license to sell Insurance… • …Why not sell the IFT directly to your clients and receive thecommission(s) yourself?

  3. Most Senior Citizens #1 Concern… “…what happens if I enter a nursing home?” • 93% of all Senior Citizens are not insured with LTC or Nursing home insurance! • “I am concerned that there will be enough money to provide for my funeral expenses, if I were to enter a nursing home!” • 1 out of every 3 seniors will eventually be confined in an assisted living facility, nursing home or long-term care facility

  4. From The Medicaid Handbook* LIFE INSURANCE:Exempt if face value of all policies is less than $1,500.00. If face values of all policies exceed $1,500.00, then they are collectively considered “Countable Assets”.*Refer to your state’s Medicaid Handbook – Rules may vary from state to state. Term or group life insurance having no cash value is excluded from “countable assets”.

  5. The $9,850 cash value would be a “countable asset” – Since the face amount is over $1,500 Life Insurance Policy Death Benefit - $10,000 Cash Value - $9,850 The Answer to Final Expense Insurance Planning • Life Insurance policies are not exempt from Medicaid if the death benefit or cash value, is over $1,500.00 • This is a serious flaw in their plan since many seniors are planning to use these policies to provide funding for their funerals

  6. Pre-need Funding With the Irrevocable Funeral Trust • Husband and wife arrive in your office… • Husband says; “We are not really concerned about pre-funding our funeral because we each have an old $10,000 paid up policy. This should be enough to pay final expenses.” • The cash values are about the same as the death benefit* • Attorney says; – “Since you don’t have long term care insurance and if you enter a nursing home and have to qualify for Medicaid…your life insurance policy will be considered a ‘countable asset’. ” Solution: “Let’s do a 1035 tax free exchange from your old policies to an Irrevocable Funeral Trust final expense plan.” Policies protected * Warning: This exchange should only be done where the cash value is about the same as the death benefit. If the death benefit is substantially greater than the cash value you may be subject to liability claims for recommending the 1035 Exchange

  7. Where does the Irrevocable Funeral Trust sale fit? • For the husband and wife who would like to shelter $25,000.00 with the Funeral Trust final expense plan • In most states, IFTs can also be paid for the client’s children by the client… shielding even more assets from nursing homes and Medicaid “By planning now…we know if we enter a nursing home… these funds are guaranteed to be there when needed!”

  8. You Just Saved Your Client $12,500!! Crisis Planning – Single Person • Client is confined in nursing home • Assets are $14,000.00 in a checking account • Client’s assets must be ‘spent down’ to no more than $2,000 to be eligible for Medicaid Solution: Do a funeral trust with $12,500 death benefit. Now there is only $1,500 remaining that would make your client eligible immediately-without spending this money on the nursing home.

  9. 4 Ways to fund the IFT • Client writes a check for total amount • Client cashes in US Savings Bonds – This is “Ready Cash” • Manage a 1035 exchange* using an old insurance policy • Take a 10% tax free withdrawal from an annuity If your client is not able to sign because of incapacity…the Power Of Attorney can sign for them. Mail a copy of POA with application. *If you are not familiar with a 1035 exchange, call our home office, we will assist you.

  10. “Sheltering Dollars” Legally - with the Irrevocable Funeral Trust • Issued in amounts from $2,000 up to $12,500* per person • An Irrevocable Funeral Trust: • Issued ages – 0 to 99 • Guaranteed issued • Absolutely no underwriting • Medicaid and nursing home exempt • Jet issued policies & commissions • Annual adjustment for inflation • We provide marketing materials *Refer to your state’s Medicaid Handbook – Rules may vary from state to state.

  11. A BETTER IDEA! THE Irrevocable Funeral Trust • Consolidates a “single premium” guaranteed issued life policy into an Irrevocable Funeral Trust! • By writing a single premium life insurance policy - and assigning the ownership to an Irrevocable Funeral Trust –the entire amount is… • …Shielded as a “non countable asset” before Medicaid eligibility (exempt) • Irrevocable Trust documents provided by the issuing insurance company

  12. A True Burial Insurance Policy • A contract whose terms preclude the use of its proceeds for anything other than payment of the insured’s burial expenses • In most states, it must meet two specific criteria: • It is Irrevocable • It can only be used for funeral expenses • The ownership of the life insurance policy must be irrevocably assigned by the policyholder to an “Irrevocable Funeral Trust” established by the insurance company • The irrevocable funeral trust final expense plan is not a divestment • The five year look-back rule does not apply • The purchase of a burial insurance policy that meets the above conditions is not a divestment because the purchaser is presumed to receive fair market value

  13. Make Thousands of Dollars Per Month with the Irrevocable Funeral Trust! • The Irrevocable Funeral Trust is a Simple Sale • Sell To Your Existing Clients! • Use The Review Letter Concept To Get Your Clients to Meet With You DO THE MATH ON THIS “VALUE ADDED SALE”: MEET WITH 5 COUPLES PER WEEK…SELL 4 COUPLES… @ $10,000 PER SPOUSE = $80,000 PREMIUM Approximately $11,000.00 COMMISSIONS BASED ON AVERAGE AGE OF 75 YEARS OLD

  14. Estate & Elder Law Attorneys are Excited About This Planning Opportunity For Their Clients • “I already know the importance of pre-need planning with the Irrevocable Funeral Trust. For many years I sent my clients to funeral homes to do their pre-need planning. (Not anymore)” • “Several months ago, I obtained my Insurance license so that I can address pre-need planning with my clients.” • “Recently, I mailed 1,000 letters to my existing Clients…wow! I have had more appointments in my office than I can believe.” • “This value added product will allow me to make thousands of dollars more each month in my law practice.”

  15. Getting Started… • You will need a license to sell life insurance in your state • You need to be approved by an insurance company to market the Irrevocable Funeral Trust • Once approved… we will provide you with the following: • The annual review letter to mail to your existing clients • (The response from this letter is usually very large!) • The annual review seminar with existing clients … see our video! • Consumer targeted PowerPoint presentation You’ll learn from one of the top producers in the business FUNERALTRUSTS.COM

  16. A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY • Irrevocable Funeral Trust Final Expense Insurance… • The Hottest Final Expense Product on the Market Today! • HUGE Commissions • Guaranteed Issue – Medicaid Exempt • No Underwriting • Sign-Up Right Now – No-Cost or Obligation Click Here To Sign Up Medicaid Eligibility Rules may vary from state to state. The financial planner, insurance agent, Or the attorney should verify specific state eligibility rules on Final Expense plans with the Irrevocable Funeral Trust. This Presentation is for professional Use Only…Not Intended for Public Distribution. This information is illustrative in nature only and not deemed to be accurate in every state.