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FORUM: Design for Maintainability CII Construction Project Improvement Conference September 11-13, 2005 Austin, Texas. George Conner Richard Danks Robert Post. Presentation Agenda. Making the Case & Concept Overview NASA Implementation D for M Implementation Model

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Presentation Transcript

FORUM:Design for MaintainabilityCII Construction Project Improvement ConferenceSeptember 11-13, 2005Austin, Texas

George Conner

Richard Danks

Robert Post

Presentation agenda
Presentation Agenda

  • Making the Case & Concept Overview

    • NASA Implementation

  • D for M Implementation Model

    • Chevron Texaco Implementation

  • Benefits of D for M

    • Rohm & Haas Implementation

Design for maintainability making the case concept overview

Design for Maintainability:Making the Case& Concept Overview

Richard A. Danks

Deputy Chief, Facilities Division

NASA Glenn Research Center

Cleveland, OH

Life cycle cost 30 year period

The Case for Design for Maintainability

Life Cycle Cost — 30 Year Period

Operation & Maintenance

60% - 85%

Land Acquisition,

Planning, Renewal,

Revitalization, & Disposal


Design & Construction


Source: Stewardship of Federal Facilities, 1998

Landscape of interrelationships


Sys Configuration Equip Performance



Prod Eff / Utilization

Production Losses

Equipment Criticality



Factors affecting ability to perform Maintenance

Total MTTR



Asset Economics

(Differential NPV)

Operational Flexibility

Degraded Performance



Landscape of Interrelationships

Chevron Pre-Operations Impact to Asset Performance

Cii research project
CII Research Project

  • D for M research project 1997 - 1999

  • CII Guidebook - 1999

  • CII Education module - 2002

Research results
Research Results

  • Defined “levels” of implementation

  • Common approaches to implementation

  • Common attributes of success

  • Model implementation process

Maintainability principles
Maintainability Principles

  • Reduce or eliminate wrench time

  • Optimize Safety, Accessibility, & Ergonomics

  • Reduce Complexity or Task Difficulty

  • Optimize Standardization, Interchangeability, and Modularization

Process characteristics
Process Characteristics

  • Integrates downstream knowledge early in

  • design process

  • Model process provides implementation

  • structure

  • Long-term perspective –

    • Reduces life cycle costs

  • Short term perspective –

    • Integration into existing processes

    • Alignment

    • Start up

D for M Process Highlights

  • Early implementation =Greatest impact

  • Suite of tools to expedite implementation

  • Continuous improvement carries

  • over to future projects

Nasa implementation
NASA Implementation

  • Engineering & Construction Innovation Committee

    • D for M selected as best practice for implementation

  • Development of week-long course

    • Presented at Field Centers

    • D for M material presented in Sustainability course

  • Centers implementing sustainable projects

Nasa implementation1
NASA Implementation

  • Interdependent concepts

  • D for M integrated with

    • Sustainable (Green) design

    • Commissioning

    • Safety & security

  • Supports other NASA programs

    • Reliability-centered Maintenance

    • Reliability based equipment acceptance

Implementing design for maintainability

ImplementingDesign for Maintainability

George Conner

Staff Reliability Engineer

Chevron Corporation

Houston, Texas

Approaches to implementation
Approaches to Implementation

  • Standard design practice

  • Contract specification

  • Cross functional participation

  • Pilot program

  • Integration into existing programs

  • Formal maintainability program

  • Comprehensive tracking

Model process
Model Process

Source: CII Implementation Resource 142-2

Page 16

Model process elements
Model Process Elements

  • Milestones

    • Milestones are achieved through

    • maintainability practices

  • Practices

    • Maintainability practices are

    • implemented using tools

  • Tools

    • Tools basically document process

    • steps in a checklist format

Implementing d for m
Implementing D for M

  • Assemble cross-functional proj team

  • Formal maintainability reviews

  • Design to project maint. strategy

  • Consider maintenance staff skills and

  • training requirements

Implementation resources

Implementation guidebook

22 Maintainability Practices

16 Implementation tools

Implementation suggestions

Establish a champion

Pilot program – if a new start

Implementation Resources

Chevron s application
Chevron’s Application

  • Post Startup Performance unacceptable

  • Developed Operations Assurance Process

    Team approach to selecting, developing, assessing and executing specific pre-operations activities, throughout the course of a project, that impact asset performance.

  • Project development and execution is based on a structured phase gate approach:

    Identify, Select, Develop, Execute, Operate

  • Maintainability is part of the Operations Assurance (OA) process.

Chevron s application oa foundational philosophies





Chevron’s ApplicationOA Foundational Philosophies

Human Factors Assmt

Maintenance Strategy

Mobilization Delays

Resources & Competency

Shift/Spares Constraints

Mechanical Handling Plan

BID Specifications

Qualified Vendors


Reliability Modeling


Performance Indicators

Production / Utilization

Operations Strategy

Resources & Competency

Operational Flexibility

Work Environment

Implementation summary
Implementation Summary

  • CII has developed a robust D for M process.

    Milestones Practices Tools

  • Early commitment / implementation is critical

  • The implementation can be customized based on current state and ultimate goals.

  • For Chevron, D for M is not a standalone effort

  • Specific D for M applications adapted for the OA process generally reference:

    Milestone 4: Plan Maintainability Implementation

    Milestone 5: Implement Maintainability Process

Design for maintainability benefits

Design for MaintainabilityBenefits

Robert Post

Technical Fellow Project Engineer

Rohm and Haas Company

Bristol, PA

Project Benefits

  • Smoother project startup

  • Less project rework

  • Less costly maintenance

  • Lower life cycle costs

  • Metrics & Continuous Improvement

  • Supports CII Best Practices

Long term benefits
Long Term Benefits

  • Eliminate the need for maintenance

  • Increased task efficiency

  • Reduced accidents

  • Decreased downtime

  • Access & ergonomics

  • Standardization/modularization

  • Task simplification

Experience at rohm haas
Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Domestic US Projects:

    • “Reliability Design”

      • Functional focus

      • Looks at reliability issues first

      • Minimize failures and maintenance

      • Identify/Resolve maintainability issues

      • Mostly done prior to execution

Experience at rohm haas1
Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Domestic US Projects: but….

    • Superior FEL definition yields faster/cheaper

    • execution

      • Everyone knows this, but……

    • Getting Front End schedule time & resources

    • Actual results vary

    • US work is limited these days anyway…

Experience at rohm haas2
Experience at Rohm & Haas

  • Overseas Projects: difficulties

    • Engineering Processes Vary

      • Owner processes

      • Contractor processes

      • O&M processes

    • Cultural Viewpoint / Values differences

      • Language

      • Safety

      • Quality

      • What does “Yes” REALLY mean?

Benefits summary
Benefits Summary

  • The know-how exists!

    • Domestic: Must get commitment of

      • management and engineers

    • Overseas: Much steeper learning curve

  • CII Publication

    • Design for Maintainability:

    • Improving Project

    • Return on Investment

  • CII Research Reports

    • A Model Process

    • for Maintainability Implementation

    • State-of-Practice in

    • Maintainability: Seven Case Studies