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Our Mission Statement

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Our Mission Statement. Healthy Community Research for Suisun City project of California Healthy Communities Network/ Tides Center will conduct a baseline study of pipelines in the Suisun City pipeline corridor.

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our mission statement
Our Mission Statement

Healthy Community Research for Suisun City

project of California Healthy Communities Network/ Tides Center will conduct a baseline study of pipelines in the Suisun City pipeline corridor.

The study will provide independent predictions of the pipelines’ life spans, the risks these pipelines pose to the human and natural environment, and risk mitigation measures.

During the study, we will be looking at—among

other areas— data on pipeline materials, corrosion protection,

installation history, and soil. The study findings, which will be disseminated to the public, local government officials, and pipeline operators, should hopefully initiate a dialogue between these groups on pipeline safety in the area.

What are the safe pipeline life

expectancies and future environmental

impact of supply pipelines going through the Suisun City corridor?

In 1974 this was a rural farm area with a small housing track being proposed in the Suisun City’s plans.
what brought me to research pipelines
What brought me to research pipelines?
  • Proposed Wal-Mart Project without mention of encroachment over Travis Air Force Base Jet fuel pipelines.
  • Local Government and AFB’s indifference to pipeline laws.
  • The Pipeline Safety Trust and Carl Weimer’s help in asking the right questions.
  • Lack of answers from operator and government.
  • Pipelines run through and parallel to my back yard.
  • My back yard soil when drilled for foundation in 2002 was permeated with Mercaptan.
  • PG&E did some repair work on the pipeline in 1999 behind my house
Jet fuel line route in 2004

To Travis AFB

Site of pipeline leak 2009

1990 pipeline replaced

1970 pipeline

Travis AFB sent personnel to find and mark their jet fuel pipelines after one of Carl Weimer’s letters. They were surprised to find them paved over.

Edge of old road

in 1975

Natural gas pipeline route in 2004

To Travis AFB

1983 Natural Gas pipelines

1950 Natural Gas pipelines

New gas valves

Old gas valves

All these Pipelines are about 40 to 60 years old

Jet fuel pipelines

32" and 16" High-pressure natural gas pipelines

One cathodic test point visible in 1.7 miles to Travis AFB

Carlsbad New Mexico US – August 19, 2000 (Corrosion-Pitting, Gas Pipeline explosion, 12 killed up to 300 yards away, 55 minute burn.)

Figure showing micrograph corroded-pit of Carlsbad 1950 30” Pipeline which had not been PIGGED

The natural gas pipeline explosion below was because of corrosion. The explosion occurred Sept 14th, 2008 near Appomattox Virginia. The pipeline was installed in 1955 and was PIGGED earlier that year.
pacific gas and electric has current work in progress in an effort to inspect their pipelines
Pacific Gas and Electric has current work in progress in an effort to inspect their pipelines.
  • PG&E has two high-pressure natural gas pipelines that run through the corridor.
  • They are cathodic protected.
  • PG&E replaced 1/2 of the 32” gas pipeline in 1983 leaving 1.7 miles of 1950 pipeline un-touched.
  • Old valves are scheduled to be replaced for PIG use.
  • PG&E has installed a new valve for a PIG this past month in the Western end of the corridor.
  • This effort is in cooperation with PHMSA in meeting a 2011 deadline.
The following is from the 2004-2005 Solano County Grand Jury report.

In 2004 there was a diesel spill caused by corrosion on the Kinder-Morgan pipeline in the Suisun Marsh. The Travis AFB supply Jet fuel pipeline runs parallel to that pipeline . The leaking pipeline was install in 1967. This happened even after State required annual pipeline PIG testing

The 1970 jet fuel pipelines buried in the Suisun City pipeline corridor have 90º bends. Pipeline PIG testing will not work.

As of today I do not know what kind of corrosion protection it has.

2006 soil corrosion study in this wetland area most of the suisun corridor is suisun marsh wetlands
2006 Soil Corrosion Study in this Wetland area. Most of the Suisun Corridor is Suisun Marsh Wetlands
how do we get this study done
How do we get this study done?
  • Study could use cooperation from Travis AFB and PG&E to gather data on dates, materials, and testing results.
  • Input from both operators on future maintenance and safety steps to protect the community and ecosystem.
  • Voluntary cooperation between parties will hopefully create finished results that are creditable to all parties.