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  2. Status Leave Codes NOTE:It is very important that these actions be entered and approved by the Benefits Deadline (occurs on paydays).

  3. Timing of Data Entry • Important to enter data timely • Retroactive input has negative impacts • Important to enter data accurately • Ensure those who have completed their FMLA are updated from “F” status to appropriate code, e.g. “O”

  4. Leave With Pay • The employee was approved for a leave of absence and is using vacation, sick time, compensatory time, annual leave or PIP hours from his leave balance. • If the leave is longer than one pay period (14 days) a Leave with Pay action will be entered in ESMT. Action – LVP Reason – MED, PAR, OFL Status – L If the employee qualifies, FMLV hours are posted in VTI starting with the first day of the leave of absence.

  5. Family Leave (FMLV) Eligibility If an employee has a qualifying event and has been employed by the County for the past 12 months and has worked at least 1,250 hours the employee is eligible for up to 480 hours of Family Leave per calendar year. Family Leave Hours should be posted concurrently with Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Worker’s Compensation Leave, PIP time and/or Vacation when the employee is on a Family Leave qualifying event. If employee meets requirements and qualifies for FMLV, a Leave of Absence Form must be completed and hours will be posted in VTI. Exception: Family leave does not run concurrently with worker’s compensation leave for Peace Officers (refer to labor code 4850).

  6. JANUARY 2008 JANUARY 2008 Family Leave (FMLV) January 7, 2008 Employee first day off payroll – exhausted all AL, Comp Time, PIP time. Departmental Leave • Action – FMLV (must qualify for FMLV) • Reason – DEP • Status – F • Take out Position Number • Submit this action for Final Approval • Update AGYS (Use Entered Accounting Values) January 22, 2008 Official Leave (after 15 days) • Action – FMLV • Reason – PAR or MED • Status – F • Submit this action for Final Approval Both actions should be processed at the same time.

  7. Posting Leave Balances and FMLVHours • Employee exhausted leave balances on 05/15/08 • Continue to post FMLV hours • When 480 hours of FMLV has been exhausted no timesheet is required • Agency Payroll (if applicable) will notify Agency/HR with effective date when to enter “O” status

  8. Exhausted Balances and FMLVHours Employees who have exhausted their Family and Medical Leave (FMLV) hours and their leave balances, a leave without pay will be processed (for employees who choose not to use all balances refer to the applicable MOU). LEAVE w/o PAY: • Action – LOP • Reason – PAR or MED • Status – O

  9. Military Family Leave • Eligible employees are entitled up to 12 weeks of leave because of “any qualifying exigency” arising out of the fact that the spouse, son, daughter, or parent of the employee is on active duty, or has been notified of an impending call to active duty status, in support of a contingency operation (to be defined by the Department of Labor). • An eligible employee who is the spouse, son, daughter, parent, or next of kin of a covered service member who is recovering from a serious illness or injury sustained in the line of duty on active duty is entitled up to 26 weeks (1040 hours) of leave in a single 12-month period to care for the service member. This military caregiver leave is available during “a single 12-month period” during which an eligible employee is entitled to a combined total of 26 weeks of all types of FMLA leave. (See FMLV eligibility on page 5)

  10. Military Leave Pay (MLP) • For military leave, the employee must submit to Human Resources a Leave of Absence form with Military Order papers attached. • Employee is allowed a maximum of 30 calendardays of paid Military Leave per fiscal year. • It is important to track the total days of Military Leave taken in the current fiscal year to insure overpayment is not applied. After the 30 days of Leave, an extension (MLX) will be processed. • If an employee has not been employed by the County more than one (1) year, he/she must submit discharge papers (DD214) along with military leave orders. * Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) form is required to compute the supplemental pay employee makes in the county versus service in the military.

  11. JANUARY 2008 JANUARY 2008 Military Leave Pay (MLP) January 7, 2008 First day employee off work for Military Leave • Action – LVP • Reason – MLP • Status – L January 14, 2008 Employee returns from Military Leave • Action – RLV • Reason – Delete Code • Status – A

  12. Military Leave Extension (MLX) • Once the employee has used 30 calendar days of MLP during the current fiscal year, a Military Leave extension must be processed. • Action – MLX • Reason – MLX • Status – L • Employee must submit a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) or a memo from their commanding officer which includes pay grade and years of military service. • Do not defer merit date or probation.

  13. JANUARY 2008 JANUARY 2008 Other Leaves January 7, 2008 Departmental Leave Employee off payroll – exhausted all AL, Comp Time, PIP, Sick Time & Vacation Time and does not qualify for FMLV hours. • Action – LOP • Reason – DEP • Status – O • Take out position number • Submit this action for Final Approval • Update AGYS (Use Entered Accounting Values) January 22, 2008 Official Leave (15 days after department leave) • Action – LOP • Reason – OFL • Status – O

  14. Catastrophic Leave An employee may request Catastrophic Leave for a serious medical condition or other serious circumstances which requires the employee to be on unpaid leave for 14 days or more. CATASTROPHIC LEAVE: • Action – LVP • Reason – CAT • Status – L • Enter Position Number • Update AGYS (Use Position Assignment) Agency HR will enter the effective date for the Catastrophic Leave. (A/C Payroll may contact the Agency HR with the effective date). Catastrophic Leave will extend the review dates for the employee until the employee returns to work. Once Catastrophic Leave balances are exhausted it is important to change the status code back to “O” or “F”.

  15. Return From Leave The RLV personnel action is used to process a return from any leave of absence. • Action – RLV • Reason – Delete reason code • Status – A Update AGYS (if applicable) after RLV has been approved.

  16. Review Dates • A leave of absence without pay other than military leave, defers an employee’s review date and PIP award eligibility date. (refer to applicable MOU) • Calculate and enter the employee’s review date on the PRDT screen as follows: • Count the number of calendar days the employee was on leave, beginning with the first day of the official leave of absence (do not count the 15 days of the departmental leave). • Determine the number of pay periods by dividing the number of calendar days by 14 and round up.

  17. FMLAMonitoring • ERMI Reports to track FMLA hours • HR32F10-01 (Sorted by name) • HR32F10-02 (Sorted by name with Pay class) • HR32F10-03 (Sorted by agency)

  18. Payroll calendar can be found on the CAPS Home Page CAPS User Support - User Assistance - HR Payroll Production Calendar

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