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Buckstone Primary School-Nursery Class PowerPoint Presentation
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Buckstone Primary School-Nursery Class

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Buckstone Primary School-Nursery Class
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Buckstone Primary School-Nursery Class

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  1. Buckstone Primary School-Nursery Class Delivering a Curriculum for Excellence

  2. Lifelong Learner Social Being A sense of self worth

  3. Curriculum for Excellence A broad general education – the responsibility of all. The 4 capacities – • Confident individuals • Successful learners • Effective contributors • Responsible citizens

  4. Energetic play everyday Promote Emotional literacy through ‘Personal Learning Planning Folders’ Encourage talk about feelings Nativity / Assembly Performances Confident Individuals Star moments achieved and documented Keeping Nursery Rules Singing time to develop confidence Healthy Snack Encourage children to be independent – dressing self /tidy up /toilet /hygiene procedures

  5. Parents Notice board, Open Evenings, Key worker, Individual folders for letters / consultation and chats daily if needed Solve problems at computer / smart board Jigsaws and construction Taking part in assembly Communicate Children Able to play in pairs / groups Play in teams in gym Play together in different areas e.g. house Communicate at carpet time Can lead in areas / model good behaviour Helping to prepare snack for others and writing menu. Effective Contributors Able to create pictures on the computer Models and pictures at art area I can help to prepare our garden for planting and sowing seeds

  6. Recycling Discuss Scotland on St. Andrews Day and Burns Night Traditions/ Language Celebrate Festivals Chinese New Year, Christmas and Divali Food from cultures/ stories Responsible Citizens Understanding of Nursery Rules Make comments/ observe the nursery garden How to keep it tidy I can tidy my own toys away I can help to tidy the nursery To tidy and care for the nursery garden

  7. Literacy Story time Print in environment Extended conversation Drawing table understand language of books Recognise my name in a variety of situations Problems investigated and solved Successful Learners Appropriately follow instructions in a variety of situation: Dance, gym, music, garden, playing games etc. Technology Smart board Computer Bee-bot Digital Camera Movie Maker Number Counting number in groups. Days of the week Shaperecognition Recognisingcolours

  8. Key Worker

  9. The Role of the Key Worker The Key Worker • is an individual in the Nursery team with key responsibility for a group of up to 10 children • completes your child’s PLP with input from the others in the team • shares information with you at Cuppa Chats twice a year • carries out observations of all children

  10. Observations • Planned Observations • Timed Observations • Participant Observation • Spontaneous Observations • Observations of areas of provision

  11. Personal Learning Portfolios

  12. What are PLPs? • A home / school partnership • An ongoing record of your child’s time at Nursery detailing the events and activities they have participated in • A transition document for P1 reflecting the Early Level of CfE • A record of your child’s progress in each area of CfE • A recognition of the interests and wider achievements of the child

  13. Your Part • PLPs are always available-feel free to look at them at any time • After Cuppa Chats the PLP will be sent home to be shared • Children are proud of their PLPs - enjoy this with them!

  14. Parent as key educator • Involvement of parents is vital • Sharing information – PLPs, Cuppa Chats • How parents can support their child’s learning • 3 Core Curricular Areas - Health and Well Being, Literacy, Numeracy

  15. Reading is fun! • Sharing books • Don’t forget Nursery Rhymes • Letters and sounds • Not just books – print all around us • Going to the shops Enjoy!

  16. Writing is fun! • All sorts of writing materials • Drawing • Be a good model – let them share our writing • What is writing? Handwriting plus being able to put ideas and information on paper • What about spelling?

  17. Number is fun! • Numbers all around – be a number spotter • Writing numbers • Using numbers • Money, money, money • Don’t forget zero • Helpful fingers

  18. Have fun! Golden rule – Talk with your child not at them – keep it fun!