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An intro to social media and google rankings

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An intro to social media and google rankings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Carla Lowe Pendergraft Carla Pendergraft Associates PO Box 1232, Waco, TX 76703 254/855-7354 An intro to social media and google rankings. 5 features your Website should have Email newsletters MySpace/Facebook YouTube Blogs Podcasts

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Presentation Transcript
Carla Lowe Pendergraft

Carla Pendergraft Associates

PO Box 1232, Waco, TX 76703


An intro to social media and google rankings

what we ll cover

5 features your Website should have

Email newsletters






3 ways to get better rankings

What we’ll cover

How many of you would like to start a new “pipeline” of younger guests who become enamored of the B&B experience?

old vs new

Old days: 3 TV stations, 1 newspaper

Modern days: Cable TV, many outlets

You advertise in more than one to try to attract various audiences

Old days on the web: 1 website

Modern days on the web: Many websites in various “channels” in addition to your main website

Old vs. new
social media the youth channel

Any site that allows users to share opinions and experiences with each other.

  • Generally free of charge
  • Usually serves up ads to pay the bills
  • Can really increase your visibility and rankings.
    • Link back to your main website.
Social Media – the youth channel

Many businesses have a MySpace page to reach the youth market – and are getting results.

It doesn’t cost anything but time.

It doesn’t require much technical knowledge—only patience.

myspace facebook drawbacks

Really not designed for use by most businesses

    • Forces you to choose age, height, etc.
  • Difficult to match the look and feel of your business graphics
  • Moving/blinking ads impossible to remove
  • Some businesses block access to MySpace
Myspace/facebook drawbacks
facebook myspace etc

Link to your main website using your best search phrase

    • “Click to visit the Bastrop Inn Bed & Breakfast, Bastrop, Texas Website”
  • Include your contact info – name, address, phone, email, fax
  • Include some interesting body copy about your B&B
  • Doesn’t need to replicate your regular website
Facebook, myspace, etc.

Usually about 3-6 min. videos

Free and easy to use

Some B&B’s have discovered YouTube and have put up videos.

Do not have to be professionally produced.

YouTube - Pennsylvania Bed & Breakfast- The Queen B&B Bellefonte Pa.

what a good blog should be

Blogs should provide extra value—don’t just promote.

Blogs should be personal and honest.

Blogs should be a conversation between you and the people you serve.

Blogs should be updated frequently.

Blogs should always allow comments.

What a good blog should be
blogs drawbacks

They can become very time-consuming.

  • Many sound fake—done for marketing purposes only.
  • Easy to start – Easy to let die.
  • It takes fearlessness to have a blog, because dissatisfied people won’t hesitate to flame you or your business on it.
Blogs - drawbacks

Audio or video broadcasts, usually in a regular series, like a radio or TV show.

A bit harder to learn the technology

Podcast software for a Mac: Garageband

Podcast software for a PC: Audacity

Usually an MP3 file

what is search engine optimization seo

SEO is crafting a website so that it does well in the “organic” listings of search engines for various search phrases.

It involves both “on-page” factors (things you can see) and “off-page” factors (code behind the page, things you cannot see)

What is Search Engine Optimization (seo)?
how search engines work

“Spiders” crawl from link to link, indexing the info and putting it into a huge database

  • The search engines analyze the website based on body copy, title, incoming links and many other factors.
  • A person types a phrase into the search engine’s search box
  • The search engine lists websites it thinks will have the information you are searching for.
How search engines work
major search engines

Google (


Yahoo! (

Major search engines
optimization big three

Keywords in actual copy on page

    • Keywords are search terms a person might type into Google or another search engine, to find your site.
  • Links coming into page
    • Links = “votes” for your page
Optimization Big Three
how to write seo friendly copy

Copy must be actual text, not text in a graphic image

Must be pleasing and make sense to humans

Must include plenty of keywords-the words people might type in to find your site

How to write seo-friendly copy
how do you know what keywords to use

Use Google’s Keyword Tool:

    • It will make all sorts of suggestions based on actual search data.
    • pet friendly, dog friendly, accommodations, b & b, b and b, bnb, cottage, guest house, inn, lodge, romantic getaway, travel deals, weekend getaway, vacation, last minute, boutique hotels, 4 star, lodging vacancy…
    • Work some of these into your copy in a natural way.
How do you know what keywords to use?

“Looking for a last minute weekend getaway in the Bastrop area? We offer a romantic bed and breakfast/guest house that accommodates up to 6 people in 3 bedrooms. We are pet friendly, so bring your small cat or dog (under 20 lbs.). Like a boutique hotel or romantic inn, we have authentic Victorian furnishings throughout the bed & breakfast, and a fireplace in every room.

If you are expecting 4-star prices, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of our b & b. Most other b and b’s in the area are over $150 per night. Call us for pricing. We have plenty of weekend vacancies for your vacation getaway.

And while you’re in Bastrop, visit the Lost Pines State Park, the Bastrop County Museum, golfing at Colavista and much more. “


They are considered "votes" by the search engine. The more votes you get, from relevant websites, the higher your site should be ranked.

Trade them with others – but watch quality

Professional associations

Ask your vendors to include them

title tag

The TITLE tag is the most important SEO element of any web page.

    • It shows up in the blue bar of the browser.
    • It is used by the search engines both to rank the page, and as the name of the site.
    • A good title is generally a 4 to 8 (12 max) word description of the page contents.
    • Use keywords while still remaining readable to humans.
    • Use different titles on different pages.

“Wedding music-Smith String Quartet – Waco, Texas”

search engine don ts

Don’t use “tricks” such as using invisible text

Don’t submit to 1,000 Search Engines

Don’t overuse keywords (“keyword stuffing”)

Don’t use “link farms” or sell your links

Don’t link to poor quality sites

Don’t use the same title on every page

Don’t duplicate your content on multiple pages

Search Engine don’ts
how can you measure your links

Go to Google (

  • Enter the following:

How can you measure your links?
getting into google maps

You can specify the exact location of your business on Google Maps, put in contact info, a coupon, and more.

Just fill out the form.

You’ll receive an automated phone call to confirm you are a human.

The listing appears in a week or two.

Getting into google maps
for further reading

Read about

For further reading