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Visual Studio Team System

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Visual Studio Team System. Overview of Visual Studio Team System Tools. Introduction. Team Explorer lacks certain features Team Foundation Server has more to offer Visual Studio Integration Partner SDK Microsft TFS Power Toys Third party tools. Agenda:. Microsoft TFS Power Tool

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visual studio team system

Visual Studio Team System

Overview of Visual Studio Team System Tools

  • Team Explorer lacks certain features
  • Team Foundation Server has more to offer
  • Visual Studio Integration Partner SDK
  • Microsft TFS Power Toys
  • Third party tools
microsoft tfs power tool attrice team foundation sidekicks open source tools


Microsoft TFS Power Tool

Attrice Team Foundation Sidekicks

Open Source Tools

tfs power tool tfpt
TFS Power Tool (TFPT)
  • Provides supplemental functionality for use with TFS
  • Command line tool
    • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Tools\tfpt.exe
  • Some commands will display a GUI when called
  • Provides command help
    • Tfpt.exe help [command name]
installed commands
Installed Commands

RED – Available from Visual Studio 2005

command descriptions
Command Descriptions
  • Unshelve – Unshelve and merge changes in the workspace
  • Rollback – Rollback changes already commited to TFS
  • Online – Create pending edits on writable files that do not have pending edits
  • GetCS – Get the changes in a particular change set
command descriptions1
Command Descriptions
  • UU – Undo unchanged files, including add/edit/deletes
  • Annotate – Displays information about who changed each line in the file and when each change were made.
  • Review – Optimize the code review process to avoid checking in and shelving
command descriptions2
Command Descriptions
  • History – Displays the revision history for one or more files and folders
  • Workitem – Create, update, or view work items
  • Query – Runs a work item query and displays the results
  • Treediff – Displays a visual representation of the differences between files in two server folders, a local and server folder, or in two local folders
command descriptions3
Command Descriptions
  • Workspace – Update the computer name for a specific workspace
  • Treeclean – view and optionally delete files that are not under source control in the current directory and all sub-directories. Useful for removing temporary files in your workspace
treediff compare
TreeDiff (Compare...)
  • Accessible from the Team Explorer Source Control Explorer
  • Accessible from the Team Explorer Source Control Explorer


  • Visual Studio 2005 Environment
  • Annotate
  • TreeDiff
  • Command line
  • History
  • Unshelve
  • TreeClean
team foundation sidekick1
Team Foundation Sidekick
  • Suite of Tools for Administrators and advanced users
  • Provides a GUI for administrative and advanced source control tasks in a multi-user TFS environment
team foundation sidekick2
Team Foundation Sidekick
  • Features
    • Shelveset sidekick
    • Labels sidekick
    • History sidekick
    • Status sidekick
    • Workspace sidekick
shelveset sidekick
Shelveset Sidekick
  • View shelveset
    • Filtered by
      • Shelveset name, Creator name, Modification date range
    • Contents
    • Shelveset properties
    • Version control items in shelveset
    • Check-in notes
    • Associated work items
shelveset sidekick1
Shelveset Sidekick
  • Compare shelveset version with original version
  • Delete shelveset
labels sidekick
Labels Sidekick
  • View
    • Labels filtered by
      • Name, Creator Name, Modification date range, Team project name
    • Label Details
    • Labeled version control items
    • Labeled changesets
    • Labeled work items
labels sidekick1
Labels Sidekick
  • Export list of labels to CSV file
  • Compare labeled version to latest version
  • Delete labels
  • Unlabel
workspace sidekick
Workspace Sidekick
  • View
    • Workspaces filtered by
      • Owner name, computer name, modification dates range
    • Delete workspaces
    • Update workspaces
    • Add new folder mapping
status sidekick
Status Sidekick
  • View
    • Tree of pending changes filtered by
      • User name, Team project name, creation date range
    • Detailed list of pending changes
    • Export detailed list to CSV file
    • Unlock one or more files and folders
    • Undo pending changes
history sidekick
History Sidekick
  • View
    • Properties
    • Pending changes
    • Branches tree
  • Compare File versions
    • In history, Between labels
  • Export history list to CSV file
tfs event subscription tool
TFS Event Subscription Tool
  • GUI tool for subscribing to events on TFS
  • Equivalent of BisSubscribe.exe, BUT
    • BisSubscribe only runs on the server
    • Creating subscriptions using BisSubscribe is hard due to its syntax
  • TFS Event Subscription tool is deployable to client workstations
  • Comes with an expression builder
tfs bug snapper
TFS Bug Snapper
  • Attaches screen dumps of application crashes
  • Enter work item Title, Description, Rank
  • Simplifies the process
  • Taskbar application that displays a notification bubble
  • .NET 3.0 smart client built on top of WCF where you can subscribe to any TFS event you feel like.
  • Useful for Work Item Tracking, Team Build management
tfs permission manager
TFS Permission Manager
  • Add/Remove TFS Group memberships
  • Set server and project level permissions
  • Create new TFS users with permissions identical to an existing one
  • Save user permissions as a template to use later for creating or updating user permissions


  • TFS Event Subscription Tool
  • TFS Permission Manager
  • TFS Bug Snapper
  • TfsAlert
  • CodePlex - hosting open source projects
  • Attrice Corporation – TFS Sidekick
  • NarenDatha – TFS Event Subscription Tool
  • Clark Sell – TfsAlert
  • Grant Holliday – TFS Bug Snapper
  • SRL Team – TFS Permission Manager
  • Microsoft TFS Power Tool (
  • Attrice Corporation (
  • NarenDatha’s Blog (
  • Clark Sell’s Blog (
  • Grant Holliday’s Blog (
  • CodePlex (
  • Mike’s Blog (
  • SRL Team (TFS Permission Manager) (