tri valley high school parent night for incoming freshman n.
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Tri-Valley High School Parent Night for Incoming Freshman PowerPoint Presentation
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Tri-Valley High School Parent Night for Incoming Freshman

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Tri-Valley High School Parent Night for Incoming Freshman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tri-Valley High School Parent Night for Incoming Freshman. 2012. Guidance Web Page. Course descriptions Requirements for Graduation Extra-Curricular Information Resources for Post Secondary Education Information Financial Aid- Scholarships Regent Scholars Information Parent Resources

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guidance web page
Guidance Web Page
  • Course descriptions
  • Requirements for Graduation
  • Extra-Curricular Information
  • Resources for Post Secondary Education Information
  • Financial Aid- Scholarships
  • Regent Scholars Information
  • Parent Resources
graduation requirements for class of 2016
Graduation Requirements for Class of 2016

4 English – Freshman English, Sophomore Comp/Speech, Junior English and Senior English or Sr. Tech Eng or AP English

3 Math – Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II *

3 Science –Intro To PhySci, Phy Science, Intro to Bio, Bio, Chemistry or Physics *

*may be excused from Algebra II or Geometry but not both in favor of a more appropriate course

* Student may be excused for Chemistry or Physics


3.5 Social Studies – World Geography, World History/Civics, American History, America Government/Personal Economics

.5 P.E.

1 Computer – Computer Applications

1 Fine Art – Band or Chorus or Art

2 Career/Tech Ed or Spanish (or comb of) – CTE includes FACS, Business or Agriculture courses or CTE Academy


24 Total

distinguished regent scholar
Distinguished (Regent Scholar):

4 Credits of English

*Writing 1.5 *Am. Literature .5

*Speech .5 * Literature 1.5

3.5 Credits of Social Studies

* US History 1 *US Government .5

*Geography .5 *World History .5

* Civics .5 * Personal Economics

1 Credit Fine Art

*Band/Chorus/Art/Understanding Music

.5 Credit Health or Physical Education

distinguished continued
Distinguished continued…

4 Credits Math

*Algebra I 1 *Algebra II 1

* Geometry 1 *Advanced Math Elective 1

4 Credits of Lab Science

* Physical Science * Biology 1

* Chemistry or Physics *other Science Electives

1 Credit of Computer

2 Credits Foreign Language or CTE courses

south dakota opportunity scholarship curriculum
South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship Curriculum
  • To meet the curriculum requirements for the Opportunity Scholarship, all recipients must receive a C or higher on all coursework including + a 24 on the ACT
  • Students Entering High School After July 2010
  • 4 units of English (courses with major emphasis upon grammar, composition, or literary analysis may be included to meet this requirement).
  • 3 units of Social Studies (such as history, economics, sociology, geography, U.S. government, and similar courses).
  • 4 units of Algebra or Higher Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or other advanced mathematics, as well as accelerated or honors mathematics [algebra] at the 8th grade, shall be accepted). NOT INCLUDED are arithmetic, business, consumer, or general mathematics or other similar courses.
  • 4 units of Science, including 3 units of approved laboratory science (courses in biology, chemistry, or physics in which at least one regular laboratory period is scheduled each week). Qualifying physical science or earth science courses (with lab) shall be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts (in art, theatre, or music, as well as approved extracurricular activity).
  • 2 units of either of the following or a combination of the two
    • Approved career and technical education courses
    • Modern or Classical Language (Includes American Sign Language)
  • 1/2 units of personal finance or economics
  • 1/2 unit of physical education
  • 1/2 unit of health or health integration (Students entering high school after July 2013)
recommended classes for freshman
Recommended Classes for Freshman
  • English I 1 Credit
  • Intro to Phy Science(need slower pace)

or Physical Science 1 Credit

  • World Geography .5 Credit
  • Pre-Algebra (need slower pace)or Algebra I or Geometry 1 Credit
  • PE/ Health .5 Credit
  • Computer I 1 Credit
electives for freshman
Electives for Freshman
  • Band
  • Chorus
  • Introduction to FACS
  • Introduction to Agriculture
  • Art I
  • Spanish
grading scale
Grading Scale
  • A: 93-100
  • B: 85- 92
  • C: 78-84
  • D: 70-77
  • F: 69-0
  • GPA – Based only on Semester grades

The grade point is figured by adding up the points for each grade that is counted and dividing by the number of grades used- Band, chorus, AP Classes and PE do not count toward GPA

Honor Band does count toward GPA

extra curriculars

Sports : Football, Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Volley Ball, Track, Boys & Girls Golf, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Weight Lifting

Fine Arts :

Musical - Band, Chorus, Swing Choir

Theatre - One Act Play, All School Play

Other: Student Council, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, National Honor Society

Publications: Annual, School Paper

we are a laptop high school
We are a Laptop High School

At the high school level students will be using technology on a regular basis and it is expected that students will use the technology respectfully and responsibly.

If your student is issued a laptop the responsibility for insuring it will be up to you but we will provide you with options in the fall. Without insurance you will be expected to pay for any damages.

ways to stay informed
Ways to stay Informed
  • One of the best ways to keep informed on your students academic progress is to sign up for a Parent Portal account – the forms are available on line
  • Email teachers if you have concerns
  • Sign up for My Distribution List
thank you for coming
Thank you for coming!

FOR MORE INFO..see the Guidance Website or call