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Annuities bring strength… To Retirement PowerPoint Presentation
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Annuities bring strength… To Retirement

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Annuities bring strength… To Retirement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annuities bring strength… To Retirement
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  1. Annuities bring strength… To Retirement

  2. Retirement is more of a concern now, more than it ever has been before. To understand why, let’s take a look at the constantly changing landscape of retirement

  3. Just a few generations ago, there was no retirement. Most people worked their entire life, or until they were too old to perform their job

  4. Next, we saw the age of corporate benevolence. This included benefits such as pensions and social security. These benefits, and more, introduced millions of Americans to retirement – typically lasting approximately 8 years

  5. That system soon is going away. Some Social Security projections show revenue shortfalls as early as 2017. Currently Social security is only projected to replace 30% of pre-retirement income. Pensions are rapidly disappearing from the corporate landscape as well. In 1979, 84% of employees were covered by pensions. As of 2005, that dropped dramatically to 37%

  6. There are some self-funded retirement options available for consumers, such as 401(k)s and IRA’s. However, there are some drawbacks to these options. Some options limit the amount of money that can be contributed and they do not provide a guarantee

  7. Another point some people do not account for is inflation. During their working years, most consumers expect raises and bonuses from their employer to, at the very least, stay on pace with inflation. However, most people forget that those things disappear when retirement begins.

  8. On January 1, 2008, the first baby boomer will turn age 62, the average age for retirement. 76 million more baby boomers will follow over the next 15 years. Most of these are more likely to live 30 years after retirement but only plan their savings to last 10 – 15 years.

  9. All these factors… • Uncertainty of social security • Fewer and fewer pensions • Limitations on funding limits for self funded plans • No guarantees available • Inflation • How long they will live into their retirement years • …have left people wondering about their retirement options and financial security.

  10. Fixed annuities can be a tool to help clients remove some of those uncertainties. • Primary Advantages: • Growth is tax deferred (based on current federal income tax laws) • No limit on contributions • Avoid Probate • Guaranteed stream of income (with inflation adjustment options)

  11. Contributions & Growth • No limits on contributions • Tax Deferred Growth

  12. Guarantees & Inflation protection • Guaranteed interest rate and / or payment • Inflation protection

  13. Simplicity & Lifetime Income • Avoid Probate • Platinum Income Annuity can Guarantee income

  14. Retirement is significant event Many tools going away Use fixed annuities to help strengthen retirement

  15. Solutions for clients who want guaranteed interest: • HorizonSelect • HorizonSecure • HorizonPlus 2004 • HorizonMYG • HorizonFlex

  16. Solutions for clients who want greater upside potential but need downside protection in order to sleep at night: • AIG VisionMaximizer • VisionAdvantage • HorizonIndex • Emerging Edge

  17. Solutions for clients who want to convert accumulated wealth into a guaranteed income stream: • Platinum Income Annuity • Guaranteed Income • CPI Option • Medical Underwriting available

  18. Ratings • Strong Reputation • Broad Product Portfolio • Member of American International Group, Inc.

  19. 888-438-6933 Options: New Business and Client Servicing Quote Team Marketing Desk New Business Forms Commissions, Licensing & Contracting To call a 4-digit extension Annuity Support Contact

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