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University of California ELC. What is ELC?. UC’s Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) is a program designed to fulfill an important UC admissions goal: to recognize and reward accomplishment of high school seniors

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What is elc
What is ELC?

  • UC’s Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) is a program designed to fulfill an important UC admissions goal: to recognize and reward accomplishment of high school seniors

  • ELC is specifically designed to identify the academically strongest students within each high school

Who is elc
Who is ELC?

  • Students who rank in the top 9% of their graduating class are designated as Eligible in the Local Context*

  • ELC students who aren’t admitted to any of the UC campuses which they applied are offered a spot at another campus, if space is available

    *Ranking by University of California

Who is eligible to participate
Who is eligible to participate?

  • Top tier of rising senior class

  • University of California will review top 15%** of senior class to determine top 9%*

  • Based on 3rd quarter junior class rating

    **High School Ranking

    *University of California Ranking

To be consider for elc
To be consider for ELC:

  • Have to take 11 specific “a-g” courses prior to senior year

  • With a grade of C or better in:

Summer school grades
Summer School Grades

  • “a-g” courses taken in summer after 9th-11th grades are counted towards the 11 courses required

  • Applicants should list summer school grades before 10th grade with the 10th grade coursework

  • Applicants should list summer school grades after 11th grade with the 11th grade coursework

Language ote o ther t han e nglish
Language OTE (Other Than English)

  • Requirement: Two years of Language OTE but at least one year completed before senior year

  • ELC status is determined systematically by student-entered coursework and grades

Language ote o ther t han e nglish1
Language OTE (Other Than English)

  • What if there is a certification of language OTE on transcript but student has not taken a foreign language course?

  • Answer: ELC status is determined systematically based on student-entered coursework and grades

  • Use the Additional Comments area of the application to provide an explanation regarding subject deficiencies

How does uc calculate gpas
How does UC calculate GPAs?

Eligibility in the Local Context:

  • At a minimum, a weighted GPA of 3.00 with extra honors points capped

  • Based on 10th & 11th grade coursework

  • Extra points are awarded for honor courses

Student faqs
Student FAQs

How are students selected for ELC?

  • Answer: ELC status will be determined by UC after students submit their applications

  • Using the self-reported academic record, the application system will check to see if an applicant has met or exceeded the benchmark ELC GPA for ERHS


  • ERHS students are responsible for submitting final transcript directly to UC as requested after graduation

  • UC will verify student-entered coursework and grades with the eight semester transcript

  • Note deadlines!

Student faqs1
Student FAQs

  • How will a student know if he or she is ELC?

  • Answer: About six weeks after submitting the UC application students can return to “My UC Application” page to view their ELC status

Student faqs2
Student FAQs

  • If two students have similar GPAs and similar course patterns, how can one be selected for ELC and the other not?

  • Answer: The UC GPA and the high school GPA are often calculated differently

  • Also, UC-calculated GPAs can be different depending on when the students took their “a-g” courses

Student faqs3
Student FAQs

  • How is the submitted student contact information used?

  • Answer: The university will send a welcome letters to students indicating that they have been identified as outstanding rising seniors and encouraging them to apply for admission to the University of California

Parental authorization
Parental Authorization

  • ERHS must have authorization from parents or legal guardian for students under the age of 18 for release of their student data to the university of California

  • Student or parent must turn in authorization form to the Career Center by May 25, 2012

Student faqs4
Student FAQs

  • Which campuses, if any, are guaranteeing admission to ELC students?

  • Answer:It is too early to know about individual campus admission plans

  • ELC is definitely a positive factor in admission decisions

  • ELC students who aren’t admitted to any of the UC campuses to which they apply will be offered a spot at another campus if space is available

Student faqs5
Student FAQs

  • What is the benefit of being identified in the top 15% of their class?

  • Answer:

  • Prestige of being identified by the University of California as a top student

  • Campus outreach programs

  • Encouraged to consider a UC as a strong candidate for admission

Student faqs6
Student FAQs

  • If designated as ELC what do students need to do to complete eligibility?

  • Answer: Must do the following to complete their eligibility and be admitted to the University:

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA

  • Complete all coursework requirements for freshmen admission by end of senior year

  • Take either the ACT assessment plus Writing or the SAT Reasoning Test – no later than the December test date

Student faqs7
Student FAQs

  • Where can students find information about the ELC program?

  • Answer: For information on UC’s admissions requirement and the ELC program visit:

  • Click on “Ca residents”

  • Click on “Local path” for ELC specific information

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