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EXCRETORY SYSTEM. Ashley Khamo Mary Ann Jariq Alexia Lumayag. Importance of excretory& excretory system. The importance of excretion is that the skin acts as an organ Includes a pair of bean-shaped kidneys Kidneys are located in the abdominal cavity, which you need

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excretory system


Ashley Khamo

Mary Ann Jariq

Alexia Lumayag

importance of excretory excretory system
Importance of excretory& excretory system
  • The importance of excretion is that the skin acts as an organ
  • Includes a pair of bean-shaped kidneys
  • Kidneys are located in the abdominal cavity, which you need
  • Excretory system is also called the urinary system
  • Excretory system gets rid of wastes


examples of cells
Examples of cells
  • Four distinctive cells types make up the excretory system
    • One pore cell
    • One duct cell
    • One canal cell
    • Fuse paired of gland cells


examples of tissue organs in our bodies
Examples of tissue & organs in our bodies
  • Excretory system’s main tissue is the liver
    • Liver – large organ located to the right of your stomach
  • The organs in the excretory system are the:
    • Liver
    • Lungs
    • Skin
    • Kidney
    • Bladder


system name relation to our bodies
System name & relation to our bodies
  • Another name for excretory system is urinary system
    • Urinary bladder gets rid of fluid from body (remove wastes)
  • Excretory system is a passive biological system
  • Removes excess, unnecessary or dangerous materials from an organism


  • The thin protective outer layer of the skin
  • Composed of satisfied epithelial tissue
  • Covering an organism
  • Also called cuticle


role of skin lungs kidneys and liver
Role of skin, lungs kidneys, and liver
  • Lungs
    • Cellular respiration that occurs in every living cell in your body
  • Liver
    • Large organ
  • Skin
    • Sweat comes out of pores in your skin
  • Kidneys
    • Two tubes called ureters
      • Urinary bladder
      • Urethra


structure of kidneys and associated structures
Structure of kidneys and associated structures
  • Ureters connects to the kidney and bladder
    • Transportation system for urine
  • Bladder is where urine is stored before its released from the body
  • Urethra is final stage of the urinary tract
    • Excretes urine out of the body, from the bladder


urine transportation and urea formation
Urine transportation and urea formation
  • Urine leaves the body through the urethra
    • Urine from the collecting ducts flows through the real pelvis and into a table called a ureter
  • Urea is formed in the liver


  • Urine is made in structures called nephrons
  • They’re functional units in the kidneys
    • The substances removed from the blood by the kidneys are toxins, urea, water and mineral salts
    • That forms a amber-colored liquid called urine


circularity system in kidneys
Circularity system in kidneys
  • Circularity system supplies the kidneys with blood
    • Through the renal artery
    • Also helps urine go to the bladder


  • Peristalsis is the series of rhythmic muscular contractions
    • move food through the digestive tract


bile and where it s produced
Bile and where it’s produced
  • Bile is greenish or yellowish substance
    • Secreted by the liver used for breaking down fats, ethanol, and acidic wastes
  • Bile is released through bile ducts in the liver
  • A digestive chemical is produced in the liver
    • Its stored in the gall bladder
    • Secreted in the small intestine


duodenum and its function
Duodenum and its function
  • Duodenum is the upper portion of the small intestine
  • Its main function is to receive the partially digested food from the stomach
  • Completes the process of digestion


disorder in kidney failure
Disorder in kidney failure
  • Kidney are primary excretory organs
  • Prostate cancer results in kidney failure
    • Prostate cancer can block the urethra
    • That prevents the bladder from emptying


additional information
Additional information
  • The primary function of the excretory system:
    • Get rid of wastes
    • Eliminates useless by-products excreted from cells
    • Eradicates harmful chemical builds up
    • Maintains a steady, balanced chemical concentration


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