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Freshman Counseling Night

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Freshman Counseling Night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Freshman Counseling Night. September 26, 2013. Junipero Serra School Prayer. Lord God, from you comes all that is good, all our talents and abilities. Help us develop these gifts, even when it means hard work. Help us face the reality of working together as a community.

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Freshman Counseling Night

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    1. Freshman Counseling Night September 26, 2013

    2. Junipero Serra School Prayer Lord God, from you comes all that is good,all our talents and abilities. Help us develop these gifts,even when it means hard work. Help us face the reality of working togetheras a community. When necessary,help us deal with pain and disappointment. Be with us in our endeavors. In the spirit of Junípero Serra,let us never give up. Let this dedication in our lives today, help us grow in faith,maturity and life for tomorrow. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    3. Lower division Counselors Steve Farren Homerooms 1A – 1D (650) 345-8207 x 135 JamirDavis Homerooms 1E - 1H (650) 345-8207 x 133

    4. Upper Division Counselors Mrs. GhidossiMr. Egan Mrs. Zoucha

    5. How to get hold of your counselor? Parents: Email or call the counselor when you have a question Students can come to Counseling Center • Before school • Between Classes • Lunch • Independent Study • After School Put ID # or name on white-board if counselor is busy. Students can email the counselor a question or request an appointment.

    6. Counseling Newsletters and Remind 101

    7. Transition Issues Academic Counseling (four year plan, course selection, tutoring information) Personal Counseling - outside referrals College Counseling Learning Difference Support Extracurricular Participation Guidance

    8. Your Counselor is your advocate Your counselor is looking out for you as you experience the many aspects of high school. Your counselor will assist you in planning for your future. Your counselor will assist you in your academic world as well as college planning. Your counselor will assist you with challenges in your social life. Your counselor will support you as you mature into a young man of integrity.

    9. What if I tell the counselor something I would like to keep CONFIDENTIAL? Anything you share or reveal in a meeting with your counselor is considered confidential UNLESS: It is disclosed you are being: •Harmed or in danger. •A threat to harm self or another person. •A threat to destroy property. •Involved in situations that may be potentially disruptive or damaging to the school’s mission, personnel and property.

    10. Extracurricular Activities: What Do I Really Care About? Get Involved: over 40 clubs to join try to participate in at least 2 activities that you are passionate about Community Service volunteer not just to get the hours done …but to find the passion and possibly a leadership role Consistent Commitment to Activities you are passionate about…

    11. Consistent Commitment to Activities Colleges do NOT want to see hundreds of clubs on your resume; they prefer a student that is clearly passionate about a few activities Show this passion not just by participating many hours over several yearsbutassuming a leadership role as well. If you need to establish your own school club….starting something takes leadership and initiative.

    12. Road to Freshman Success Grades Count Freshman Year !! Theology is an academic course – part of your academic GPA Seek help as soon as you realize you are struggling • Meet with your teacher, • Talk to your counselor about a study plan • NHS tutors in the library during independent study and sometimes before or after school

    13. How to Study in the Block Schedule Organization: Homework Test dates Don’t Procrastinate! Subjects that need to be studied EVERY night: example: Math Vocabulary A difficult subject for you

    14. Homework Don’t Procrastinate!! Classes on Thursday - Homework due Mon. Classes on Friday - Homework due Tues.

    15. Study Table How does a student end up with a study table? How can you avoid study table? Consequences for multiple study tables… 6 = Academic Probation (What does that mean?)

    16. Four Year Plan Serra’s Graduation Requirements meet the academic requirements for:UC or CSU and Private & Out–of–State Public Colleges. What Courses Am I Required To Take? What Courses Do I Want To Take? Set Academic Goals NCAA eligibility Remain Flexible – goals may change

    17. A - G Courses

    18. Student NAME Student ID, Birth Date,address Year entered SERRA S

    19. Student Case Studies Student B English Grades for 10th &11th B-, B-, B-, B- Math Grades for 10th & 11th B-, B-, C-, C History Grades for 10th & 11th B, B-, B-, B- World Languages Grade for 10th & 11th A-, A-, B, B Science Grades for 10th & 11th B-,B-, B-, B- Theology Grades for 10th & 11th A-, B, A- CSU GPA = 3.09 Student A English Grades for 10th and 11th B-, C+, C+, B- Math Grades for first 3 years C+, C+, C-, C History Grades for first 3 years B, B-, C+, C+ World Languages Grade for 10th & 11th B+, B+, B, B Science Grades for 10th & 11th C+, C+, B-, B- Theology Grades for 10th & 11th B+, B, B+ CSU GPA = 2.57

    20. Honor Roll and CSF Principal’s Honor Roll is 3.5 and above Honor Roll is 3.0 and above California Scholarship Federation: Based on points for your grades. You may join at the beginning of Sophomore year, based on your second semester grades freshman year. You must reapply each semester when the enrollment period is announced. Life Members are members 4 out of 6 semesters in 10th – 12th grades. National Honor Society: Junior & Senior Year (invited to apply based on cummulative academic GPA, leadership, service and character)

    21. Your Story is about to be written: Will it be a story of honesty, integrity and demonstrated values? Also ,remember that your online social networks could bea source for others. Colleges & employers do look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube….

    22. What FACTORS DO Colleges look for… Grades in College Prep Classes Strength of Courses Test Scores Activities Essays Recommendations

    23. Freshman Introduction to Naviance Naviance is a web-based program used by Serra students for all 4 years of high school. Counselors will be meeting with freshman in their Freshman Groups in November and December: Log-ins Game Plan Introduction to NavianceResume Learning Style Inventory College Maps Parent logins will be mailed soon.

    24. College Map from Naviance

    25. Partnership College Fair: October (every year) Sophomore Year: College Night for Sophomores Naviance– College Search Resume PSAT review Junior Year: College Night for Juniors College Planning Groups Personality Profile/Career Interest Profile Family Meeting with Counselors College Admissions Case Studies Senior Year: College Night for Seniors / Application Workshops The college admissions process is a four year process! + +

    26. Thank you !