youth camp beach scavenger hunt l.
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Youth Camp - Beach Scavenger Hunt PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Camp - Beach Scavenger Hunt

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Youth Camp - Beach Scavenger Hunt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scavenger hunt for items that can be found on a typical beach

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youth camp beach scavenger hunt

Youth Camp - Beach Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt for items that can be found on a typical beach


MaterialsList of items that can be found on an ocean beach or seashore


PreparationMake a list of items that can be found on a beach. A list of items is provided below. Value them on their rarity. Depending on the beach and the time of the year, remove those items that cannot be found. But the beach is an amazing place. You never know what you will find! You might include points for each different kind of shell found. Some items are for a travel hunt to retrieve the items, almost all can be used for a photo scavenger hunt if you prefer that type of hunt.


Scavenger Hunt DescriptionPlanning a trip to the beach or seaside? In this scavenger hunt you will need to find and retrieve objects that are on the beach. The team which collects the most items in the list within the designated time limit wins!


Example items you could chooseabalone shell, algae, anchor, barnacle, beach ball, beach towel, bolt, canoe, coconut, coral, crabclaw, crab, shell, driftwood, feather, fish bone, fishhook, fishing line, flipper, foam, Frisbee, glass ball, kite, largest shell, lifeguard, lighthouse, mollusk-shell, moss, nautilus shell, nut, bolt, palm frond, perfect shell, piece of a boat, piece of a sail,


sailboat, rope, round shell, sand castle, sand dollar, sand-shovel, scallop shell, sea sponge, sea urchin spine, sea glass, seaweed, seed, ship, sign, smallest shell, snail shell, something metal, something plastic, something rubber, something unusual, starfish, stone worn smooth, surf board, surfer, tar


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