valentine s day love letters l.
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Valentine's Day Love Letters

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Valentine's Day Love Letters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Youth Create a wacky love letter, one word at a time

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valentine s day love letters

Valentine's Day Love Letters

Youth Create a wacky love letter, one word at a time.


Game Play1. Tell the groups that they as a team will be writing the best love letter they know how. 2. Line each team up in a single file line and one at a time write one word of their letter on a large piece of paper you have taped up onto the wall in

front of each group.


3. Start both teams out

with the same line such

as “Honey, I love you

so much that...” 4. One at a time team

members will go to the

board and add a word

to their team's letter.


5. Tell them ahead of time

that they will be

disqualified if they write

anything inappropriate.

Make sure your leaders

are watching this as well. 6. When one person is

done writing one word

he/she will go to the end

of their line and the next

person will write a word.


7. They cannot talk with

one another or share

ideas with one another. 8. Give them four

minutes to complete

the letter. 9. Pick on student from

each team to read their

letter out loud to the rest

of the group and have a

panel of leaders vote on the

best letter.


ReplayYou can do it again,

this time writing a

break-up letter. This

time start the letter,

Honey I know we've

had good times but...


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