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Halloween Party Ideas - Candy Relay PowerPoint Presentation
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Halloween Party Ideas - Candy Relay

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Halloween Party Ideas - Candy Relay
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Halloween Party Ideas - Candy Relay

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  1. Halloween Party Ideas - Candy Relay www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com Redeem Halloween by using this Trick or Treat Candy game to share the gospel www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  2. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com Materials: Candy in the following colors: Yellow, White, Black, Green, Red www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  3. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com Setup: 1. Form two teams and assign each team one or two colors of candy. You can have as many teams as you have colors of candy.2. On the floor at one end of the room, unroll a several foot long strip of paper towels.3. Spread the candy randomly over the entire length of paper towels4. Have the teams line up at the other end of the room. www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  4. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com The Objective:To be the first team to remove all the candy of their assigned color. www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  5. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com ActivityOne at a time, team members rush to the paper towels, and bend down and use their teeth to pick up one piece of candy (team colors only and no hands allowed). Once they have a piece of candy in their teeth, they stand back up, run back to their team. They must then show the candy in their mouth to the next person in line, who shouts out the color. www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  6. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com If the color’s wrong “Trick”, the person must eat the candy and then go back and get another piece of candy of the correct color. When the color is correct “Treat”, the person eats his/her candy and the next person goes to the paper towels and repeats the process. www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

  7. www.CreatieYouthIdeas.com Debrief:Use the following link to explain the colors of the candy http://bit.ly/TuaHEc www.CreativeHolidayIdeas.com

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