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We pay our... . Salute to God Dhanvantri Singhal Diabetic Clinic Presents Prakariti Scan. Om Dhanvantrai Namah. Prakriti Scan based on. Three point Diagnosis Methodology Darshna (Observation) Prashna (Questionaire) Sparshna (Exam. by Touch).

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we pay our
We pay our...



God Dhanvantri

Singhal Diabetic Clinic


Prakariti Scan

Om Dhanvantrai Namah

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

prakriti scan based on
Prakriti Scanbased on

Three point Diagnosis Methodology

  • Darshna (Observation)
  • Prashna (Questionaire)
  • Sparshna (Exam. by Touch)

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

What Prakriti is
  • ?
  • Prakriti is known as Genetic Constitution and decides your
  • Liking
  • Disliking
  • Behaviour
  • Temprament
  • Social and financial status
  • above are reflexed by three molecular unit of your body
  • known as VATA,PITTA, & KAPHA(Tridoshas)

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

vata pitta kapha tridosh originates
Vata,Pitta & Kapha (Tridosh) originates

from five basic elements

Prithvi (Earth)

Jala (Water)

Tej (Fire)

Vayu (Air)

Akash (Ether)

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

the main seats of vata pitta and kapha
The main Seats of Vata , Pitta and Kapha

_________ Kapha

_________ Pitta

__________ Vata

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

how to asses tridoshas
How to asses Tridoshas
  • These can be estimated through radial pulse.
  • In male right radial while in female left radial examination is recommended due to positve and negative charge respectively.

* **

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

The Ratio of Vata, Pitta & Kapha in the body designs

Body frame



Shape of face

Colour of eyes

Colour of hairs

and other features .

All above comes in DARSHAN Parameter .

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

Questionaire related to Life style, Physiology &

Psycho-somatic behaviour comes in PRASHNA

Parameter few of them are as under-

Working style


Taste Liking






and others.

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

Sparshan Parameter must be done by an Ayurvedist on following points -
  • Main - by Radial pulse examination
  • Supportive - by General Examination like
  • Temperature, Touch of Skin,
  • Abdominal and tenderness of
  • Marmas etc.
  • Allied - Site of fat collection etc.

Singhal Diabetic Clinic

On the behalf of the given bio- feed back this software asses
  • your Prakriti (…. ) and provides ten pages report consisting
  • fovourablerecomendation accordingly on -
  • Prkurti Identification in %- 1Page
  • Personality Profile 2 pages
  • sexual Profile- 1 pages
  • Dsease Profile-1 Page
  • Day to day Conduct& beauty Care -3 Page
  • Diet Plan-1 page
  • Life Style-1 Page
  • Treatment Profile-1 Page
  • And other helping tools to keep you healthy for acheiveing the
  • Goal of life.

Singhal Diabetic Clinic