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Research Papers

Research Papers

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Research Papers

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  1. Research Papers Source Cards & Works Cited Pages

  2. Evaluating Sources • Primary Sources: sources that contain firsthand information • Maps, diaries, letters, autobiographies, interview of a person who was there • Secondary Sources: interpretations of the primary materials produced by others • Encyclopedias, newspaper articles, documentaries • Primary sources are best!

  3. Evaluating Sources • Sources may have out-of-date information or mistakes, so you must evaluate them! • Internet sources • Sites with addresses ending in .org (non-profit organizations), .edu (educational institutions), and .gov (U.S. government agencies) are the best places to start • The Internet is full of inaccurate information – evaluate the article and the website carefully!

  4. Evaluating Sources • How to evaluate: • Is the source nonfiction? • Do not use stories or novels for a factual report. • Is the information current? • This is particularly important in changing fields, like technology. It’s not as essential in historical topics. • Is the information trustworthy? • You should be able to verify all of the facts with other sources.

  5. Source Cards • As you research, you will create one source card for each article, video, interview, etc. that you MIGHT use in your paper • Skim through your article first to be sure it’s about your topic and has information you might use in your paper • Then, create your source card (BEFORE taking any notes!)

  6. Source Cards • What goes on my source card? • First, number it in the upper right-hand corner (Is this the first source you looked at? The second? Third?) • MLA Works Cited information • The information will depend on the type of source (book, newspaper, internet, video, etc.) • See page 678 in HLLA book or the handout I provided for the correct format

  7. Sample Source Card #1 "White Rose." Holocaust Encyclopedia. 6 January 2011. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 9 May 2011.

  8. Works Cited • After you’ve written your paper, you will create a Works Cited page, which tells your reader which works (articles, videos, etc.) you used (cited) in your paper. • You must find FOUR sources, but only need to use THREE in your paper. • Only list the sources you actually used in your paper on the Works Cited page.

  9. Works Cited • Must use MLA format. • Must list works in alphabetical order (do not pay attention to the number in the corner – that is for your notes). • If your source cards are accurate, all you need to do is copy the information from your index card!