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  1. BANCA POPOLARE ETICA We give credit to the South

  2. BANCA POPOLARE ETICA • The Fundamental Principles • Participation of the members • Support to economic activities that are inspired to a model of human social sustainable development • Savings addressed toward high valued social projects • Transparency

  3. Banca Etica e il Microcredito • At the basis of the micro-credit programs there is a problem of exclusion related to the emerging of a phenomenon of negation of a particular right: the access to the credit.

  4. Banca Etica e il Microcredito • The Ethical Bank considers the micro-credit as a suitable tool to strengthen the processes of local development, because it can contribute to the attainment of the objectives of the welfare politicy: • creation of employment; • reduction of the social exclusion; • renewal of the local economies; • rebirth of economically depressed areas.

  5. Banca Etica e il Microcredito • The Ethical bank promotes in Calabria two typologies of intervention through the tool of the micro-credit: • programs for the creation or the support of micro and small enterprises; • programs of partner-relief nature; • Both the typologies are based on the followings conditions: • construction of a partnership with strong territorial rooted subjects; • priority of the relationship between the organization of reference and the beneficiary subject.

  6. Microcredito per le donne • The 3rd July 2006 a violent downpour stroke the province of Vibo Valentia causing corpses and huge damages to the economy. • At end July, following the suggestion of the Gender Regional Councillor of Calabria, an agreement is undersigned for the constitution of a fund for the entrepreneur women that have suffered damages from the flood and finalized to the reboot of the economic activities.

  7. Microcredito per le donne • The partnership is composed as follows: • Gender regional councillor of Calabria, • Economy Minister of Region Calabria, • Provincial Administration of Vibo Valentia, • Popular Ethic Bank, • Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia, • Gender Provincial Councillor of Vibo Valentia, • Section Fidapa of Vibo Valentia, • Soroptmist International Club of Vibo Valentia, • Caritas Diocesana of Vibo Valentia, • Ethic Foundation Calabria

  8. Microcredito per le donne • The partnership has constituted a fund for loans (maximum amount € 20.000) that can be refunded in 7 years without interest and without expenses. • The fund has an endowment of € 150.000 and a capacity to finance 40 initiatives.

  9. Microcredito per le donne • The net of the female associations, with the coordination of the Gender Regional Councillor of Calabria, has assisted the entrepreneur women in the fund application phase.

  10. Microcredito per le donne • Up to today 17 initiatives have already been funded for a total of € 311.000. • All the beneficiary enterprises are regularly returning the loan.

  11. Il progetto AMICA • The Ethic Bank and the Ethic Foundation Calabria have, together with the local church, constituted a fund of guarantee for the start up of the project AMICA (friend) • Action • MIcrocredit • CAlabria.

  12. Il progetto AMICA • The beneficiaries of the microcredit program are the residents in Calabria: • with a low income or a part - time job; • new workers or still on a provisional basis; • subjects with a small income that have difficulty of access to the ordinary credit system; • young Italian or immigrated in possession of a stable job and residents in Calabria from at least two years; • families; • elderly in possession of minimum the least pension.

  13. Il progetto AMICA • The microloans will be disbursed to the beneficiaries through a micro credit of Max € 5.000,00. • The maximum duration of the financing has been fixed in 36 months. • The questions for the micro credit application can be submitted at the offices of the local church.

  14. Il progetto AMICA The project AMICA has the following finalities: • housing • payment of bills, food and primary needs; • to face expensive health expenses; • momentary impossibility to face the needs of the family (also educational expenses); • economic contingent difficulty of legal immigrants.

  15. Il progetto AMICA • The Ethic Foundation Calabria has made available, as a title of guarantee, an endowment of € 100.000 with the commitments to annually integrate the fund. • in the 2008 the Ethic bank will fund in total € 200.000

  16. Il progetto AMICA • The Local Church is providing assistance to the possible beneficiaries selecting among those that can have the loan and those to which, instead, is better to give beneficence (charity).

  17. Grazie