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LOVE. Kinds of Love. “The Triangle of Love” by Robert Sternberg There are eight types of love Non Love --Romantic Love Liking --Companionate Love Infatuated Love --Fatuous Love Empty Love --Consummate Love Each has one of three aspects present or absent Intimacy Passion

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    1. LOVE

    2. Kinds of Love • “The Triangle of Love” by Robert Sternberg • There are eight types of love • Non Love --Romantic Love • Liking --Companionate Love • Infatuated Love --Fatuous Love • Empty Love --Consummate Love • Each has one of three aspects present or absent • Intimacy • Passion • Commitment

    3. Intimacy • Intimacy is one of our most valuable human dynamics. It is the glue that binds us in common dedication and affection. • Your desire to promote the welfare of another person • Your happiness at being able to share experiences • Your sense of regard for one another • You mutual understanding that you will “be there” for one another in times of need • The acknowledgement of one another’s value in your life

    4. Passion • Passion is the romantic and physical element of a relationship. It is the easiest of the three to recognize ;-), but that doesn’t mean it is simple to define or control. Although passion is usually experienced physically, sexual activity also meets many different emotional needs. • Your romantic feelings • Your physical attraction and desire to be together • You mutual sexual enjoyment and fulfillment • Your physical and emotional arousal

    5. Commitment • Commitment can be divided into two stages. The first is the decision that you love someone; the second is the determination to maintain that love over time. The commitment process is essential to every lasting relationship. • Your decision that what you feel for the other person is a special kind of love • Your willingness to symbolize or articulate your love in some way • Your understanding that the relationship is more than just a fluke or convenient • Your decision to invest in the relationship for a defined period of time (“forever”, “for the long term” “til death doe us part”, etc.)

    6. Eight Types of Love • 1. Non Love-No intimacy, no passion, no commitment • Love gone wrong, Nasty Breakup, Bitterness • 2. Liking-Intimacy, no passion, no commitment • Mutual Breakup, Shared info, friendships • 3. Infatuated Love-No intimacy, Passion, No commitment • Pure Lust, just about sex, all fire!!!! • 4. Empty Love-No intimacy, No Passion, Commitment • Unrequited love, Crush, Ex’s/Former Flames

    7. Eight Types of Love • 5. Romantic Love-Has Intimacy, Has Passion, no commitment • New Love, The Beginning!, Start of something • 6. Companionate Love-Has Intimacy, no passion, has commitment • Usually those married or in a relationship for a very long time (more than 20 years) • 7. Fatuous Love- No intimacy, has passion, has commitment • Smothering, PDA, Can be stalker like • 8. Consummate Love-Has all three-intimacy, passion, and commitment • The Real Deal (What we all hope for in our lives.)

    8. Kinds of Love (Songs) • Individually, identify a song that exemplifies each of the eight kinds of love • 1. Non-love: “Love Stinks”-J Geils Band • 2. Liking: “Cool”-Gwen Stefani • 3. Infatuated Love: “Ring of Fire” Johnny Cash • 4. Empty Love: “I Will Always Love You” • 5. Romantic Love: “Melt w/ You” Modern English • 6. Companionate Love: “Stand By Me” Ben E King • 7. Fatuous Love: “Every Breath You Take” Police • 8. Consummate Love: “ When a Man Loves a Woman” Percy Sledge

    9. Non-Love Songs • I Will Survive • Before He Cheats • Tainted Love

    10. Liking Songs • Joy to the World, Jeremiah was a Bullfrog • Get By With a Little Help From My Friends • Lean on Me

    11. Infatuated Love • Candy Shop • This Love • Light My Fire • Closer

    12. Empty Love • Mr. Brightside • Layla • Killing Me Softly

    13. Romantic Love Songs • Wonderful Tonight • Let My Love Open the Door • All I Want Is You

    14. Companionate Love Songs • Faithfully • You’ve Got a Friend • Have I Told You Lately

    15. Fatuous Love Songs • Escape • I Want You to Want Me • Invisible

    16. Consummate Love Songs • In Your Eyes • True Companion • At Last • Sugar Magnolia