welcome aba traveling information meeting n.
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Welcome! ABA traveling information meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome! ABA traveling information meeting

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Welcome! ABA traveling information meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome! ABA traveling information meeting

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  1. Welcome!ABA traveling information meeting 11AAA

  2. Andover Baseball • Our goals: • fun, competitiveness, development, commitment, improvement • MYAS is our governing body • Andover Baseball awarded inaugural Top-Tier volunteer organization • Selected to host14AAA and 15AA GSTOC, 14/15U Rec State and All Star tournament for 13–15 year olds • Nine of the 13 teams were awarded state tournament berths this year • All-star baseball all summer long! 13AA

  3. A Typical ABA Traveling Season 16 league games 8 home and 8 away 3 tournaments paid for by ABA Held between May and July Additional tournaments may be added by teams; these are not paid for by ABA If teams qualify for a State Championship, ABA will pay registration fee. Approximately 4 nights of baseball per week between practices and games 10AAA

  4. Why fall tryouts? • Competitiveness • Authentic skill evaluation • Discussions with directors of adjacent communities who have moved to fall/late summer tryouts • Off-season training opportunities • Tournament offerings 12AA

  5. What is different? Spring Fall Indoor – NSC, Line Drive, ACC, AHS Independent evaluators assess the following: Hitting – cages Infielding – indoor Outfielding – indoor Speed – straight line Pitching – portable mound indoor Catching – limited Outdoor – ASN Independent evaluators assess the following: Hitting – cages Infielding – short to 1st Outfielding – throw to 2nd Speed – running the bases Outdoor – “home” fields Coaches and ABA personnel will run a scrimmage Game situation Hit live pitching Actual base-running True catching situation Pitchers – game situation Baseball IQ

  6. Tryout Details • 10U – 8, 9, 10 year olds • All other levels play and tryout at their age levels • One evaluated tryout and one scrimmage night • Scores based on 1 – 10 range • Players will be given a designated number for both tryout nights that they will wear. Remember this number… • No traveling baseball attire allowed at tryouts. • Closed tryouts 12AAA

  7. Times • August 24th at ASN • 10U: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. • 11s: 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. • 12s: 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. • 13s: 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. • 14s: 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. • Alternate date: August 21st • Sign up on sheet on your way out. • Designed only for those who can not make August 24th. • Times are TBD based on numbers. • August 25th 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. • 10U: City Hall Field • 11s: Shadowbrook South • 12s: Shadowbrook North • 13s: ASN East • 14s: ASN West

  8. Scoring Criteria for evaluators • Hitting • Criteria: stance, mechanics, bat speed, power, contact • Machine pitch and Front flips/toss • 2 bunts, 5 swings in each cage • Pop-up nets and tees for warm up • Infielding • Criteria: footwork, glove work, accuracy of throw, strength of throw • 5 ground balls at short stop • Throw to first base • Time to warm up • Outfielding • Criteria: footwork, glove work, accuracy of throw, strength of throw • 5 fly balls at various locations in outfield • Throw to second base • Running • Criteria: speed • 10-12 at ASN East; 13-14 at ASN Middle • Timed Home to 1st and Home to 2nd • Times submitted to coaches for reference

  9. Scrimmage format • Coaches and ABA Personnel run the scrimmage • Opportunities given to all of those who would like to pitch and catch • 10 and 11 – kids play everywhere • 12 and up – some specialization according to middle infield, corners; most kids play outfield • All kids hit and will be rotated in and out in the two hour scrimmage • Opportunity for coaches to see kids in a game situation • Closed 10AAA

  10. Coach selection • Coaches must submit an email/application to head coach to me no later than August 15th. • Name, phone, age level you wish to coach, coaching resume, reason you want to coach • Qualified candidates as deemed by ABA sub-committee will be emailed on August 19th and asked to attend the tryout evenings – August 21st, August 24th, and August 25th. • I will send sample evaluation sheets to coaches for reference • Coach interviews will take place in September; a committee of non-traveling baseball minds as well as ABA representation. • Bring specific practice plan 12AA

  11. Coach Selection • Coaches will be ranked by the interview committee and selected based on player ranking • ABA Board finalizes the decisions made regarding coaches at a closed board meeting • Coaches will be notified in early September.

  12. Player Selection • Teams will be selected around mid September. • Sometime during the week of September 15th, coaches will meet with an ABA sub-committee and select their teams. • Shortly after, players will be notified of selections at andoverbaseball.org on the tryouts page. Look for your player number. • Coaches will contact players within the week after numbers are posted. • Those players who do not make traveling can register for in-house in January. • AAA coach must select 4 of the top 6 and then can select his team through 25 pending approval of ABA sub-committee. • AA coach – players are re-ranked and coach must select 4 of top 6 and then can select his team through 25 pending approval of ABA sub-committee.

  13. Then what? • Register your child from October 1st – October 31st. • Traveling fee and ABA registration fee will be combined into one. Payment plan available. • Ages 10 – 11: $370.00 • Age 12: $415.00 • Age 13 – 14: $440.00 • Coaches roundtables will begin again in October. • Tournaments are listed in January; input to Vicki Kruth, Tournament Director • Organized team training can begin in January; some incurred costs associated • Parent meetings will take place in February; volunteer checks collected • Practices will occur once the city releases the fields to ABA after the winter. • League games begin in late April; dates are not set by MYAS as of now • First tournament usually in May

  14. What ifs… • What if a player moves out or has a significant health issue so that (s)he can’t play? If a player moves or has a significant health issue that arises PRIOR to April 1st, coaches may take a player from a lower tier pending a meeting with traveling director, affected coaches, and parents/player being moved up. • What if a player can’t tryout? 80% of previous year’s score + coach’s input. No tryout score, no traveling.

  15. Expectations • Players in the Andover Baseball Association (ABA) travel program are not allowed to be on roster and play for any other team or association from April 1 through the last game of the travel season. Any player found to be on another team will be subject for review by the Head Coach and Travel Director. The consequence could lead up to, and include, termination from the travel baseball team. •   We expect parents to provide advance notice on any non-sport conflict (e.g. family, faith, school, etc.) that could interfere with team activities. The MYAS scheduling meeting is typically held in April and calendars should be open to accommodate schedule flexibility that's beneficial to the team. Our travel coaches have to make difficult decisions as it relates to making roster cuts and we expect all players on roster to be fully committed during the season.