Winter 2012 neric dw cio meeting
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WINTER 2012 NERIC DW CIO MEETING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WINTER 2012 NERIC DW CIO MEETING. Mary McGeoch, NERIC DW Manager Gail Mathias, Program Coordinator II Michael Bastian, Program Coordinator I. REMINDERS. ONLY upload (A.K.A Lock and Load) each template ONCE per day (REMEMBER: Friday – Sunday act as one day.)

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Winter 2012 neric dw cio meeting


Mary McGeoch, NERIC DW Manager

Gail Mathias, Program Coordinator II

Michael Bastian, Program Coordinator I


  • ONLY upload (A.K.A Lock and Load) each template ONCE per day (REMEMBER: Friday – Sunday act as one day.)

    • If you push up program services, for example, more than once per day, NO information moves to the state. This can wreak havoc with reports especially when SED deadlines are looming!

    • This is true for demographics, enrollment……too.

  • When locking program services, ALWAYS Select ALL.

    • If you do NOT select all, the only program services that will go to Level 2 are the ones you selected. ALL others will be deleted.

    • For example, if you only push up Poverty, ALL disabilities and other categories will be purged at the state level and your accountability reports will show no students with disabilities.

    • If you have verification errors, those areas will uncheck. If you do not fix those errors and reselect ALL, those areas will not upload to Level 2.

  • SIRS Guidance – No manual, but the page is now searchable.

What s new

  • NEW Beginning enrollment code:

    • 0055 – Enrolled for instructional reporting only (to be used for reporting students where the reporting entity does not have Title 1 accountability or CSE responsibility for the student – ex: BOCES)

  • NEW Ending enrollment codes:

    • 8338 – court placed in a program that does not lead to a HS diploma and is not an approved GED program (this was actually introduced for 2010-11).

    • 1089 –transferred to an approved GED program outside this district (use for court placements who transfer to an approved GED)

    • 0066 – ended enrollment for instructional purposes only (to be used to close enrollment records with a begin enrollment code of 0055)

District of residence

  • Field 41 (District Code of Residence) of the Student Lite template is now required

  • If the student changes his/her District of Residence AFTER BEDS day, this data element DOES NOT change

  • If the student is a resident of a state other than New York, use district code “80034366”

  • If the student was not enrolled in this LEA on BEDS day, use the District of Residence information gathered when the student registered in the district.


Universal pre k

  • Change grade level from PK to PKF (pre-kindergarten full day) and PKH (prekindergarten half day). Populate on Enrollment record

  • Pre-Kindergarten program service

    • Indicator of whether the PK student is:

      • In a UPK program (program service code 902) or

      • In an “other” PK program (program service code 990).

  • New program service codes. [Either 902 or 990 program service record MUST be provided for each student that has a grade level of PKF or PKH].

Universal pre k1

  • If the student is in a UPK program “902”, UPK setting program service record must be provided from the table below:

  • Type of UPK setting

    • 1309 District-operated

    • 1320 Day care center

    • 1331 Head Start

    • 1342 Family or Group Day Care

    • 1353 Nursery School

    • 1364 BOCES

    • 1375 Special Ed 4410 Preschool

    • 1386 Nonpublic School

    • 1397 Museum

    • 1408 Library

    • 1419 Other

Title i targeted assistance

  • Types of Title 1 services provided in targeted assistance programs.

  • For students who are served by a Targeted Assistance Program, in addition to their 0286 TA program service, you MUST report at least one (but can be multiple) Type of Title 1 services provided in targeted assistance program service record from the following list:

    • 0803 Reading/Language Arts

    • 0814 Mathematics

    • 0825 Science

    • 0836 Social Sciences

    • 0847 Vocational/Career

    • 0858 Other Instructional Services

    • 0869 Health, Dental and Eye Care

    • 0880 Supporting Guidance/Advocacy

    • 0891 Other Support Services

Boces reporting

  • Initially, BOCES was scheduled to start reporting data in the 2011-12 school year

  • BOCES will be required to report starting with the 2012-13 school year

Civil rights data collection

  • The Federal Department of Education has informed the state the ALL districts MUST participate in the Civil Rights Data Collection this year.

  • In the past, only selected districts were required to report.

  • Some of the data is currently available in your SIS but other is not.

  • This data will NOT be pulled from the SIRS and will be due sometime this summer (possibly August).

  • FAQ about the Federal Civil Rights Data Collection can be found at:

One day rule

  • This year the transition to the One Day rule is complete.

  • Students who are enrolled in the district one day or longer are now included in the Grad Rate accountability group.

  • Complete information on the Cohort Changes can be found at

Location marking period

  • New Location Marking Period template, along with dimension values defined in the Marking Period Code template, allow management of both Marking Period and Term by location. Cannot be loaded through Level 0.

  • Only Final Grades will be reported for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.

  • Marking Period – Use the last Marking Period that a report card is issued for a course. Example, for a 4 Report Card school, a full year course would report the Final Grade as MP4, a Semester One course would use MP2 (since the course ends MP2) and a Semester Two course would use MP4 (since the course ends MP4.)

  • Term – Suggestion: 0 for Full Year, 1 for Semester 1, 2 for Semester 2

  • Must define each Final Marking Period/Term combination for all reportable schools including Elementary schools.

Staff student course

  • This is a new template used for dual purposes:

    • It will be used to collect the underlying data needed for teacher evaluation

    • It will also be used to collect information that can be used to generate class rosters

Staff student course1

  • You will note that the template includes a “Reporting Date”.

  • This date is an important differentiator regarding the purpose of the data being reported.

  • If the data are being reported for roster purposes, the reporting date is June 30, 2012 regardless of the actual date the course ended.

  • If the data are being reported for teacher evaluation purposes, the reporting date is defined as the first date of the state assessment period associated with that course.

Staff student course2

  • The remaining fields in this template define the metrics for determining the amount of time an individual student was engaged in instruction by an individual teacher

  • You will note that this metric accounts for student attendance, but not teacher attendance

  • Staff/Student/Course template

Student class grade detail template

  • Replaces Student Grade template

  • Used to collect Student Grades, Pass/Fail and Credits awarded

  • For 2011-12, only Numeric Final grades associated with Regents exams are required; all other grades are optional. If others are reported, make sure you’ve defined those marking periods too.

  • Includes an indicator distinguishing a Final Grade that was computed using a Regents score versus those that were not

  • Includes a new Pass/Fail Indicator; this is required for both ES courses leading to a state assessment and HS Regents courses

  • Includes new fields for reporting Credits Attempted and Credits Earned

Assessment accommodations

  • Assessment accommodations will be scanned from the answer sheet used during test administration. We expect to be able to load these for you if we are loading your scores. If this is not possible, we will let you know.

  • For any assessments that do not use a scan able answer sheet, testing accommodations will be recorded in the appropriate student system and exported to the data warehouse using the Assessment Acc Mod Fact template

  • A list of revised assessment accommodations will become effective beginning with the 2011-12 3-8 ELA and Math assessments during the April/May 2012 time frame.

Staff evaluation rating

  • Legislation requires that assessments be used in the teacher evaluation process

  • Teachers will be evaluated on the following basis:

    • 20% of evaluation based on state assessments

    • 20% based on local assessments

    • 60% based on local observation and evaluation techniques

  • These three scores will result in an overall evaluation rating on a scale of 1-4.

  • This new template is designed to collect the component scores as well as the final overall evaluation rating.

  • Likely that most districts will use their Human Resource software to report this.

  • SED suggests using the TEACH ID as the Local ID in the HR system. Staff ID must match what is reported by SIS.

  • Additional guidance about this template will be provided in the future.


  • Ken Wagner May 2011 memo


  • New Collection Requirements for 2011-12


  • SIRS Guidance



  • Updated APPR guidance


2012 13 data collection

  • Student Management SystemsSIFE collection (Students with Interrupted Formal Education)Parent/student linkagesPrincipal/student linkagesDaily attendance and tardy (Negative Attendance)

  • NYSSIS ID – possible it might be used more in the future. Please wait for further guidance.

  • Human Resource SystemsTeacher tenureTeacher active flag, hire & end date - when they leave employment

  • Course Catalog

  • SMS Certification Center

  • REMINDER: The list above is subject to change.


  • Please remember to use out DW Hotlines:


    • 518 862-5409

    • These are shared hotlines and our coordinators check these sources before their individual accounts.

    • If you are already working with someone on an issue, please indicate this in your e-mail so that it can be directed to them if possible.

  • Need Training?

    • Please email

  • Thank you for coming!

Neric connect
NERIC Connect


the World of School.

  • Secure Access, Anytime, Anywhere

  • 21st Century Learning Environment for 21st Century Students

  • Centralized Online Location for School Resources

  • Powerful School Data Dashboards and Reporting Tools

  • Work More Efficiently with Online Forms and Workflows

Secure access to the classroom anytime anywhere
Secure Access to the Classroom,Anytime. Anywhere.

Powerful School Data Dashboards and Reporting Tools

  • View Grades, Exam Scores, Class Rosters, Schedules, Attendanceand Discipline Reports, Securely In Your Browser

  • View Data From Multiple Sources:Student Information System, Special Education Data,School Lunch Program, etc.

  • View Secure Data That Is Specific to the User

  • Teachers Can Track Student Progress

  • Administrators Can Monitor District Performance

Challenges faced by our districts
Challenges Facedby Our Districts

  • APPR

  • Race to the Top

  • Response to Intervention

    • Reliable, real-time, integrated data collection and reporting system

Multiple measures of data
Multiple Measures of Data

  • DemographicsAccess to school and district demographics,attendance, and disability records.

  • Student LearningReview district-wide performance for annual assessments,grades, teacher comments, and interim reports.

  • PerceptionsMonitor student and faculty participation in school/district-wide discussions, surveys, blogs, wikis… and participate themselves.

  • School ProcessReview AIS or enrichment programs, extra-curricular activities, other additional assistance programs, etc. Soon to include: monitor instructional strategies, learning strategies, and classroom management.

Neric connect1
NERIC Connect

Interested in

learning more about

NERIC Connect?

  • Find out more at:

  • Contact: Mike Bastian, NERIC Connect Coordinator

  • 518-862-5315


Winter 2012 neric dw cio meeting

  • NERIC DataFlow provides an automated process for moving data from a number of Student Information and Special Education Systems directly to Level 0 of the Data Warehouse.

  • This is currently available as a value-added service for districts subscribing to NERIC-supported Student Information and Special Education Systems. Interested districts, who are not currently subscribing to services for NERIC-supported SIS &SPED system, please call for a quote.

  • NERIC DataFlow automates the daily extraction of Student Demographic, Enrollment and Program Services data from the source system. Level 0 import rules are applied to the extracted data, error reports are generated on a daily basis and the data that passes the edit checks is written directly to Level 0. This automated process eliminates the need to manually extract files for import into Level 0 and attention can be given to correcting errors in the source system— on a daily basis.

  • COMING SOON! Staff Snapshot, Course, and Program services from NutriKids, SIS, and SPED. (Please note: Centris does charge an annual fee to connect IEP Direct.)

  • Questions? Please e-mail or or call 862-5400 and ask for Mary McGeoch or John Wyld.