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Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting

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Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting. Onno van Schayck 19th May 2011. 09.30 Introduction by Prof. Onno van Schayck 09.45 Jo Maes, MSc.: User perspectives 10.15 Jenny Slatman, PhD; VIDI Project: Bodily integrity in blemished bodies

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Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Annual CAPHRI Research Meeting Onno van Schayck 19th May 2011

    2. 09.30 Introduction by Prof. Onno van Schayck 09.45 Jo Maes, MSc.: User perspectives 10.15 Jenny Slatman, PhD; VIDI Project: Bodily integrity in blemished bodies 10.30 Prof. Luc de Witte, MD: Technological interventions in elderly care;challenges for science and economy 10.45 Coffee break 11.00 Hilde Verbeek, MSc; PhD Project: Redesigning dementia care. An evaluation of small-scale, homelike care environments 11.30 Prof. Andreas Stuck, MD (University of Bern,Switzerland): Strategies of disability prevention in older people. 12.00 Presentation Knottnerus Award, Crebolder Award and Supervisor Award

    3. 12.15 Group Photo 12.30 Lunch 13.30 Poster walk 14.00 Poster presentations 15.30 Coffee break Parallel sessions 15.45 Staff session: PhD candidates session: - ERC recommendations - Interactive lecture on - HSRM by Prof. Rob de Bie psychology of influence using Social Media for personal branding, by Mischa Coster Plenary session 17.15 Presentation Poster Award 17.30 Informal drinks

    4. Moderators Poster Session • Koning Willem II - Dr. Ilja Arts • Spiegelzaal - Dr. Angelique de Rijk • Karel de Grote – Dr. Liesbeth Mercken • Angenot – Dr. Hans Bosma

    5. ERC Report CAPHRI 2004-2009 • Update 2010 • Recommendations ERC 2010-2015

    6. Highlights ERC Report 2010 ‘CAPHRI receives an overall score of excellent (5).’ ‘CAPHRI has an international leading position in extramural research.’ ‘The number of articles in the top ranked international journals such as Nature, Science, New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet is an astonishing achievement considering the research topics of CAPHRI.’

    7. ‘The Committee is impressed with the way CAPHRI is able to combine research in primary care/applied clinical research, innovation of care and public health.’ ‘Programmes within CAPHRI are world leading and may serve as a role model to academic centres for the successful transdisciplinary integration of innovative research initiatives.’ ‘Job possibilities of graduates from CAPHRI are excellent and indirectly reflect the high quality of the programme.’

    8. ‘There are strong relations between top scientists of CAPHRI with health practice and policy, with rigorous respect to scientific independence.’ ‘This is research policy at its best, and provides high value to tax payers’ money and return on investment for health care research.’ ‘The new generation of academic CAPHRI researchers will likely be leaders in the field and be ambassadors of the CAPHRI approach.’

    9. ‘One of the extraordinary capacities which contributes to the success of CAPHRI is its ability to combine and integrate scientific top quality and productivity, with societal and political effects and interactions.’ ‘People from CAPHRI play a major role in national advisory committees.’

    10. CPP/FCSm scores CAPHRI compared to UMCs CAPHRI  MUMC+ 

    11. Trend in bibliometric analysis scores

    12. Trend in quantity of CAPHRI publications

    13. Trend in quality – top 10% publications

    14. Internal PhD Candidates

    15. External PhD Candidates

    16. Result of the Breeding ground policy • 2 VENIsLiesbeth van OschRik Crutzen • 1 VIDIJenny Slatman

    17. Recommendations ERC 1.Develop a long-term strategic plan that encompasses research, teaching, and societal mission 2. Support platform research activities which underpin technology innovation and transfer 3. Explore and exploit successful societal orientation more explicitly 4. Facilitate CAPHRI’s breeding ground policy

    18. Develop an organisational structure that better reflects CAPHRI’s research mission and research activities • Solve funding problems and decentralise marketing strategy of the Research Master programme • More flexibility for the School Director to ensure optimal management processes on the school level • Define and implement an improved internal and external communication strategy, and improve the visibility and clarity of the CAPHRI position

    19. Ask yourself about potential applications of your research Could it generate commercial or societal benefits? Could it be patentable? If yes, or in case of doubt, check with Do so timely before publication A publication is any abstract, poster, paper, oral communication, etc. Any publication renders patenting impossible (´prior art´) A timely check won’t delay your publication Timely = at first draft Valorization- Increased efforts are required for future value creation! - The Valorization Company of MUMC+ Contact:;

    20. CAPHRI What is our future?

    21. Maastricht Health Campus