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12 ANGRY Men Reginald Rose

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12 ANGRY Men Reginald Rose. Information about the play What is a play? What is a trial?. What is a Play?. Any type of reading that is performed on stage. This includes: Dramas Comedies Musicals Tragedies. What is a Drama?. One of the major forms of literature

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12 angry men reginald rose

12 ANGRY MenReginald Rose

Information about the play

What is a play?

What is a trial?

what is a play
What is a Play?
  • Any type of reading that is performed on stage.
  • This includes:
    • Dramas
    • Comedies
    • Musicals
    • Tragedies
what is a drama
What is a Drama?
  • One of the major forms of literature
  • Intended to be performed on stage in front of an audience
  • It includes stage directions and dialogue between characters
stage directions
  • Instructions for the director, actors, and stage crew
  • Set apart in the script using (parentheses) and Italics
  • Describe the scenery (items on stage that create setting) and what the props are (objects the actors use)
  • Conversation between characters
  • One of the most important things about a drama/play is that it uses dialogue.
  • During the play, the dialogue tells us about the plot and characters’ personalities.
  • We know who the speaker is because the name of the speaker is bolded in front of what the speaker says.
what s a trial
What’s a Trial?
  • We caught a brief glimpse of this in To Kill a Mockingbird
  • There are several parts to a trial.
    • Jury Selection
    • Opening statements
    • Prosecution’s case (“good guy”)
    • Defense’s case (the defendant “bad guy”)
    • Closing statements
    • Jury instructions
    • Jury deliberation and verdict
the jury
The Jury
  • Consists of 12 citizens
  • They are interviewed and personally selected for the case based on their views and responses to questions
  • They decide the verdict for the defendant
  • They must come to a unanimous decision for the verdict
  • Meaning: all 12 persons need to agree on a guilty or not guilty charge
reasonable doubt
  • “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the term the court uses
  • Simply put, this means that there is no doubt, in a reasonable person’s mind, that the defendant is guilty.
  • Most importantly used in murder cases when the defendant’s life is on the line.
  • Meaning, that the evidence presented is air-tight.
circumstanstial evidence
  • Evidence based on the circumstances
  • Basically, it’s not the best type of evidence.
  • It is largely based on inferences and indirectly proves a fact.
  • EX: I buy a blouse. You steal the same blouse from a friend of ours. Because I wear the blouse in public the next day, circumstantial evidence says I stole it.
el train
El Train
  • Short for ELEVATED Train
  • Usually found in large cities like Chicago and New York City
  • Basically, a metro station above the ground
1957 new york
1957, New York
  • Last year in the 10 year “GOLDEN AGE” of Baseball
  • Although women are granted the right to sit on a jury in 1947, it is a state-by-state decision, and on a volunteer basis (women aren’t forced to be on a jury)
  • Boxing and Baseball are the hot sports; many attend baseball games and the Friday Fight Nights
dempsey firpo fight pg 42
Dempsey-Firpo Fight (pg.42)
  • Famous boxing fight that took place in 1923.
  • Dempsey was the reining heavyweight champ.
  • Firpo put up a good fight, and he knocked Dempsey out of the ring.
  • Dempsey suffered a blow to the head, and there was a scandal around how slow the ref counted and how Dempsey got back into the ring
  • Dempsey eventually won the match.
khrushchev pg 50
Khrushchev (pg.50)
  • Nikita Khrushchev was a Soviet Union Communist leader
  • Boorish- served for the Bolsheviks in Russia
  • Was convinced that the communist ways were going to take over the west (America)… not so much…
clarence darrow pg 70
Clarence Darrow (pg.70)
  • Famous American lawyer
  • Leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union
  • Most famous for defending the two killers, Leopold and Loeb: two teens charged for the murder of a 14 year old boy; they were aiming to create “the perfect murder”.
  • No such luck: both got life sentences
where do you stand


Ethics and Values

Suppose you knew that everyone around you was thinking one way; the opposite of how you were thinking.
  • Would you still stand up for what you believed, or would you go along with the crowd?
Suppose someone tells you that your best friend gossips about you behind your back.
  • Would you:
    • Talk to your friend
    • Investigate the situation (i.e. consider the source, go over the facts)
    • Never talk to your best friend again
Suppose someone tells your mum they saw you smoking.
  • Your mum kicks you out of the house without even talking to you about it.
  • Fair? Unfair? Why? Why not?
Have you ever, even in jest, said, “I’m gonna kill you!”?
  • Now, suppose that person that you said that to turned up dead later that day (they had, indeed, been killed).
  • Is that reason enough to send you to jail for life?
Imagine a time that you have been really ticked off.
  • While you were mad: Did you listen to music? Did you watch a movie?
  • If so, can you remember the song or the title of the movie? Why or why not?