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Welcome to English 10. With Mrs. Fossum. What Are We Going to Read?.

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Welcome to english 10

Welcome to English 10


Mrs. Fossum

What are we going to read
What Are We Going to Read?

  • This is a survey course of English literature, designed to give students a broad spectrum of the development of the our language from its the earliest Anglo-Saxon beginnings to classic novels, poems, short stories and essays from the 20th century.

  • Our studies will likely include Beowulf, Canterbury Tales (selections), King Arthur, Macbeth, A Modest Proposal, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1984, Lord of the Flies, and Harry Potter.

What are we going to write
What are We Going to Write?


Finished Products

Quick writes


Timed responses to test prompts

Complete sentences

5-Paragraph Essays

poems/ creative writing

MLA citations

Personal Narrative

Definition Paper


How To/Expository


Literary Analyses

Memoir (Anthology)

Multi-page researchpaper

What do i need to bring to class
What Do I Need to Bring to Class?

  • 1 ½-2 in binder—labeled and devoted to JUST English

  • Looseleaf paper (TONS!)—NO SPIRAL!!!

  • 5 labeled dividers: vocabulary/ literary notes /writing workshop/ reading annotations/homework

  • Pencils/blue and black pens/highlighters

  • Pack of index cards

  • Pack of sticky notes

  • textbook

  • Agenda

  • Typed Papers Always in 12 pt TNR

    —DS/1-in margins

What if i m absent
What if I’m Absent?

  • FIRST: Check the While You Were Out

    Folder and Keep up online while at home

    SECOND: Bring in the missing work completed as required ONE class day after you return, with an extra day for every day you are absent

    You are ACCOUNTABLE for all work

    assigned whether absent or not—so keep up!

  • THIRD: Keep my email on hand and email all work, notifications of absences, concerns, etc.

What if i m late
What if I’m Late?

  • One late---sign on clipboard

  • Two lates---parent contact

  • Three lates---am detention

  • Four lates---Administration

    • No Lates?---Congrats---10 pts added at end of marking period

    • Think it’s cool to come into class first, then leave so you won’t be late…no way! A Late is a Late.

Extra credit
Extra Credit

  • Is EXTRA

  • Can not be used to REPLACE missing assignments---only available for any student who has completed all work and is still not satisfied with current grade

  • Not accepted during last week of grading quarter

Yikes i have to leave class
Yikes! I Have to Leave Class!

  • If you have a signed, legitimate pass from another teacher you may leave when necessary, but it is YOUR responsibility to get notes and assignments from someone else, not me!

  • Try waiting until you have written out the warm up/homework/ and retrieved handouts for the day

  • Bathrooom? Go at your own risk---you miss work, you make it up on your time---don’t disrupt class –just sign out/go/then sign in again

Beginning of Class


Backpack under desk

Stow away any I pods, electonicdevices,cellphones,work from other classes

Notebook out

Pencils sharpened

Pen available

Working on Warm Up

Record homework

Do NOT get up when someone has the floor!

Sanitizer, sharpener,

tissues---all can wait until classwork time

Pick up after yourself

Check your belongings

Record Homework

Take it or Lose it!

Heading your paper
Heading Your Paper

If NO Name, No Grade




_______no spiral_____________________________________________________________________________________________

formal essays:

Times New Roman 12 pt Font

Double Spaced

Show your b e t r self best effort tolerance respect
Show your “B-E-T-R” Self: Best Effort, Tolerance, Respect

  • Put your besteffort out there

  • Tolerate others/mistakes/things out of your control

  • Respect yourself, others, the room, and everyone who has the floor—one voice at a time---hands to yourself---food stowed---observe proper time and place for all activities

    Bottom Line: #1 GOAL: TO BE Physically and PsychologicallySAFE at ALL TIMES

And finally a little abou t
And Finally…. A Little About

Mrs. Fossum

  • Sept 12, 1961 (whoa!!!)

  • Married, three teens—15,17,19

  • One daughter in Florida at college

  • One younger sister—also a teacher,

    also in Florida

  • One golden retriever

  • Three cups of coffee—

    three hours of Internet

  • Night owl/ 5 hours is a good night!!

  • Guilty pleasure---tv/bagels/ice cream/People magazine

  • Politics/news junkee

Summer in costa rica

Zip-lining and rappelling ---Trust me, this isn’t typical for me. I’m a couch potato by nature.

Just before I capsized! Yikes!