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Proteins. A look at emergent properties resulting from exquisite molecular order. Proteins: Many Functions. Proteins: Many Structures. The Amino Acid. Amino Acids. Basic structural unit = monomer COOH , NH 2 , and H atom give common structure

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A look at

emergent properties resulting from exquisite molecular order

amino acids
Amino Acids
  • Basic structural unit = monomer
  • COOH, NH2, and H atom give common structure
  • R-groups or side chains act as a “plug ins” with 20 different possible groups commonly found in proteins
r groups
  • Divide amino acids into 4 categories: Polar, Non-polar, Acidic, Basic
  • Represented by three letter or one letter abbreviations

(Gly,G) (Ala, A) (Ser, S) (Val, V)

Non-polar Non -polar Polar Non-Polar


A dehydration reaction between the carboxyl end of one amino acid and the amino end of an adjacent results in a peptide bond. Note the C-C-N-C-C-N pattern that develops.

primary structure
Primary Structure

1° - sequence of amino acids

  • Figure 5.18 - The sequence of the amino acids for lysozyme. (See The story of lysozyme)
secondary structure

2° - regular pattern of interactions between amino and carboxyl groups

Secondary Structure

Fig 5.20 -Lysozyme exhibits two secondary structures, -helix and the ß-pleated sheet.Both are due to hydrogen bonding.

secondary structures
Secondary Structures
  • Regular patterns of interaction between the C=O and the H-N of the polypeptide backbone.
  • Formed by Hydrogen Bonding
  • Two forms: -helix andß-pleated sheet
quaternary structure
Quaternary Structure

4° -Interactions between two or more tertiary structures (2 or more amino acids chains)

quiz what kinds of kinds of interactions will these amino acids form
Quiz! What kinds of kinds of interactions will these amino acids form?

Cystiene (Cys, C) + Cystiene (Cys, C)


NH3+ NH3+



web activity
Web Activity
  • Web/CD Chapter 5 - Protein Structure
protein modeling with pipecleaners
Protein Modeling with pipecleaners
  • Brown, Blue = polar, hydrophilic
  • Orange, Red = non-polar, hydrophobic
  • Pink = Alpha helix
  • Green = Beta pleated sheet
  • Yellow = sulfhydryl group
  • Black = negative ionic charge
  • White = positive ionic charge
    • Note: color choices do not match picture shown