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Secretary Workshop PowerSchool & PowerTeacher PowerPoint Presentation
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Secretary Workshop PowerSchool & PowerTeacher

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Secretary Workshop PowerSchool & PowerTeacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Secretary Workshop PowerSchool & PowerTeacher
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  1. Secretary WorkshopPowerSchool & PowerTeacher Kim Hobbs ~ October 21, 2011

  2. I Will Survive!

  3. Workshop Goals • Review 2011-2012 Reporting Dates • Access PowerTeacher Administrator in order to check teacher Section Readiness Reports • Run Middle Level (6-9) and Secondary Level (10-12) Report Card Templates • Take a look at PTGB from a Teachers point of view. • Identify Reports that teachers can print from PTGB • Troubleshoot possible causes for errors or omissions on student reports.

  4. Resources • PowerTeacher Gradebook Support Wiki • Power Source

  5. 2011-2012 At a Glance • Secondary Report Card (4 per year) • Middle Level Report Card (3 per year) • Elementary Report Card (3 per year) • Dates will be common for Sun West School Division

  6. Grades 10-12 Reporting Periods

  7. Grades K-9 Reporting Periods

  8. PT Administrator Accounts • Teachers notify PowerTeacher Administrator of Final Grades Completion. (Demonstration) • Log into PowerSchool and click on PT Administrator in the Setup menu along the left side of the screen.

  9. Secondary Level Report Card Templates • A separate template has been created for each Quarter! • Remind teachers to complete Final Grade Completion Process • Run Report Card Template for Grades 10-12 students when teachers have checked final grades and comments in their gradebooks. • You could print these reports on School Letterhead

  10. Middle Level Report Card Templates • Remind teachers to complete Final Grade Completion Process • Run Report Card Template for Grades 6-9 students when teachers have entered a Final Grade, indicated Learning Program and Learning Behavior Results for each Middle Level Course. • Right now there are two templates to choose from (Mid Level Report Card Att and Mid Level Report Card Daily) • There will be a Middle Level Report Card Template

  11. Power School Reports Run Trials as soon as possible so that we may detect potential errors sooner rather than later! • Do not make any changes to the report templates! • Delete any templates that you are not using.

  12. Teacher Directions for Report Cards Documents enclosed for: • Middle Level Reporting Process • Secondary Level Reporting Process *This information is also posted on the wiki. • Elementary report card template is not ready, teachers will be reporting in a format similar to 2010-2011 school year.

  13. PowerTeacher Gradebook Reports

  14. Troubleshooting Report Errors Known Error: • If a student is dropped from a course and then enrolled in the same course the final grade will not print on the Individual Student Report. • Solution: Send request to Sondra to fix

  15. Troubleshooting Report Errors Overlapping Enrolments: • The Fix Enrollments link will only work if the student is enrolled in overlapping courses. • Check also to ensure that the course Entry Date is before the Exit Date

  16. Troubleshooting Report Errors Report Error: Reports will not open in your Report Queue. This is an Adobe Reader error. Solution: Submit a Helpdesk ticket and Foxit Reader will be installed on your computer which will allow you to read the PDF.

  17. Reminders • Please cc Sondra, Linda & Kim if you are sending PowerSchool directions to groups of secretaries. • Delete Report Card Templates that you are not using. • Grade 1-9 Courses (T1,T2,T3) • Grades 10-12 Courses (Q1,Q2 and/or Q3,Q4)

  18. Kim Hobbs Learning Consultant Sun West School Division