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Lucinda scott. Film poster- Evaluation . Research . ‘Fish Tank’ poster . ‘This Is England’ poster . Generic elements.

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Lucinda scott

Lucinda scott

Film poster- Evaluation


‘Fish Tank’ poster

‘This Is England’ poster

Generic elements
Generic elements

  • Before beginning to draft my own poster for my film I researched and deconstructed other posters promoting recent films. I concentrated specifically on films with the genre of social realism, similar to my film. These included ‘Fish Tank’ and ‘This Is England’ to name a few.

  • Generic elements that are apparent in these posters included features such as; star ratings, a large picture, Title and tag-line etc

  • Film posters are used to promote and advertise the film. They are known to be useful globally as an effective marketing technique, both promoting the film itself as well as its atributes such as star ratings and ‘academy awards’.

  • The poster was also researched prior to drafting, ensuring that I again implemented the generic features needed in a published film poster. As mentioned before, research into specific film posters to our genre was prioritised as a useful basis to our own work. The certification, star rating and tagline are only a few elements displayed on the poster which were useful to us in the promotion of the film. When producing our coursework pieces, our ideal state of mind is that we are in the process of releasing a real film, in need of real ancillary texts. The effective use of the poster and film review in a way bring the film to reality and stood as a good combination to be published together. The poster promoting and advertising the film, the film being released and then the reviews broadcasting critical opinions, a combination which effectively brought our film to life.

Lucinda scott
This is my film poster, displaying the generic elements that I found within my research to be apparent on a poster.

The large title attracts attention whilst the tagline and billboard display an insight into the film itself. The large picture as a background to the poster is effective as a base. Austin’s facial expression shows his vulnerability and fear whilst his body language and appearance behind the literal and metaphorical barrier is portrayed. We certificated our film as a 12A due to its sensitive nature and genre. The certification (bottom left) is a generic element for a film poster and therefore included within my piece to comply with the ‘Pro-forma’. Within my film review I rated the film at ‘4 star’. I have therefore included this within my poster, showing 4 white stars at the bottom of the page; another generic element that is compulsory for a film poster to seem genuine.