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Food industry

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Food industry. Problem: No inspections of factories or quality of product Businesses “fatten” bottom line by decreasing quality Example- meat industry. Proposed solutions. Meat Inspection Act~ Guaranteed that the government inspects all meat

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food industry
Food industry
  • Problem:
  • No inspections of factories or quality of product
  • Businesses “fatten” bottom line by decreasing quality
  • Example- meat industry
proposed solutions
Proposed solutions
  • Meat Inspection Act~
    • Guaranteed that the government inspects all meat
    • Factories closed or fined if not following regulations
  • Pure Food and Drug Act~
    • Made sure what was advertised was in the product, and what was in the product was advertised.
    • Both are still effective in society today
workers problems
Workers problems
  • Problems:
    • Hours
    • Wages
    • Injuries
    • Conditions


Triangle Shirtwaist


proposed solutions1
Proposed solutions
  • Adamson act~
    • Set the working hours
    • Example: Railroad workers will work an average of 8 hours a day (6 days a week)
  • Minimum wage laws~
    • Each state sets the minimum wage
    • Based on each states’ economy
  • Workman’s compensation insurance~
    • Receive money for each week out of work if injured on the job
    • Could not be fired if hurt on job
Muller vs. Oregon (1908)
  • Louis Brandies
  • Persuaded the Supreme court to pass laws protecting women’s weaker bodies from certain work conditions
  • Hailed a success
  • Closed women out of “male” jobs

Workers gain control in work place

political problems and solutions
Political problems and solutions
  • Problem:
    • Need to regain power lost by the people
    • Political Machines & Corruption
      • Spoils system
      • Voters have little to no power
      • (senators part of “millionaires club”)
      • Political Bosses and individuals ran the cities as their own Kingdoms
proposed solutions2
Proposed solutions
  • 17th amendment
  • State Level
    • The initiative enables citizens to draft laws and constitutional amendments and place them on the ballot for a popular vote.
    • The referendum provides for a popular vote on laws passed by the legislature.
    • The recall allows citizens to remove elected officials from office.
  • Australian (“Secret”) Ballot
social problems
Social problems
  • Problem:
    • Tenement and slums
    • The poor
    • Conditions in the cities
  • Housing regulations~
    • Each large city passes own regulations
  • Settlement houses~
    • Set up to help poor and immigrant assimilation
    • Provide temporary relief
    • Ex. Hull House
  • Salvation army~
    • Provided food, clothing, shelter to the needy
  • Solutions:
    • 18th amendment~
    • Temperance movement~
      • Women’s Christian Temperance Movement
      • Leader Carrie Nation
      • Nation divided into “wet” & “dry”
      • “dry” controlled congress in 1919
  • Women defining a new social role
  • More active in unions and organizations
  • Wyoming 1st state to give vote to women (1869)
  • Took 72 years for all states to allow women to vote
    • 1st demand at Seneca Falls, NY in 1848
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Carrie Chapman Catt
  • Alice Paul
woman s suffrage
Woman’s Suffrage
  • Political reformers want the woman’s vote
  • This would change the tone of elections
  • Many were afraid woman would be a second vote for their husband