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A job?
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A job?

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  1. What is Network Marketing? A job? HOW LIFE SHOULD BE Massimo Del Moro

  2. Massimo Del Moro

  3. Clear the Field Eliminate all the Alibis • If i didn’t have a family; • If i was 10 years younger; • If i could have been able to finish my studies; • If i had a little income; • If i had a more specific knowledge; • If...................................................; • If....................................................; • If ...................................................; Massimo Del Moro

  4. The 14 areas of success:: 1. Quantitative effort; 2. Goal; 3. Inner strength: Attitude, desire, decision ,perseverance ,enthusiasm. 4. Planning of your activity; 5. Imagination; 6. Knowledge of the services; 7. Knowledge and application of sales techniques; 8. The understanding of customers problems; 9. Aware of competition; 10. Contact skills on short terms; 11.Contact skills on long terms; 12. Customer strategy; 13. Self analysis; 14. Self control; Massimo Del Moro

  5. Quantitative effort “There is no real obstacle to your success, if not the weakness of purpose and the lack  of commitment  “ "ALL THE ART OF SELLING IS BASED ON THE PHONE CALLS "            ("Seller Wonderful" Frank Bettger ") Massimo Del Moro

  6. 2. GOAL; - Is Specific; - Is defined; • Is personal ; - Has a time axis; Massimo Del Moro

  7. 3) THE INNER STRENGTH: (Discover the power within you ) -ATTITUDE; - DESIRE; - DECISION; - PERSERVERANCE; - ENTHUSIASM; ”No real problem exists, except our weekness" Massimo Del Moro

  8. - ATTITUDE: " A genius with a wrong attitude cultivates  failures,while an ordinary man with a positive attitudecan only  cultivate success,". “YOU DO NOT TAKE A NEW ATTITUDE BY BEING CARRIED AWAY BY THINGS, BUT DECIDING TO TAKE AND ADOPT THEM". ("l’M OK, YOUR OK" di Thomas A. HARRIS) Massimo Del Moro

  9. - DESIRES; « I KNOW WHAT I DESIRE BUT WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO HAVE IT? “TAKE ONE RISK A DAY”. (G. Kaeser) Only daring you can have succsess. A man capable of this is a free man, which has a true inner peace. Massimo Del Moro

  10. - THE DECISIONE: (or "control  procrastination ) " A 'thorough investigation of more than  25,000 people,  between men and women who have experienced the failure found that the absence of a decision was almost always top the list of the 30 leading causes of failure. "This is not a mere theoretical statement, but is a fact. “DON’T BE THE ONES WHO ALWAY REFERS” Massimo Del Moro

  11. - PERSISTENCE: "Every defeat carries the seed of an equivalent benefit"(N. HILL) It is the lack of this quality that keeps most people from attaining great achievements.They want to undertake something, but as soon as the journey gets hard, they give up. "There is not a real problem,except our weakness". Massimo Del Moro

  12. ENTHUSIASM: "What is the enthusiasm if not the obvious extentof our beliefs" Are you really sure of yourself, your ideas and your job? If so, show it in the right way, with enthusiasm. ENTHUSIASM IS EVERYTHING Massimo Del Moro

  13. 4) BUSINESS PLANNING:(planning of the “goal achievement") "Knowledge is power only to the extent thatit is organized in a precise action plan and is directed by a clearly defined purpose” (N. HILL) How do you build a plan? 1. The goal to achieve. 2. Means and Ways to Achieve the Goal. Massimo Del Moro

  14. 5) IMMAGINATION: STEP 1:a - our spirit must realize the reason why it can wander freely in that moment...b - we must refrain from expressing opinions, even if our imagination...c – let’s write down our ideas and thoughts on a notepad. STEP 2:Then let’s review our flashes of genius, by eliminating those not suitable or meaningless and retaining the others for a more limited selection. After mature reflection, let’s pick the best out of the selected ones. (G. KAESER) Massimo Del Moro

  15. 6) SERVICE KNOWLEDGE: "HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?" SALE = PROBLEM SOLVING To identify the characteristics of the service and to adapt them to the customers’ needs or to "create" prospects’needs and desires that can be satisfied by these characteristics. Massimo Del Moro

  16. 7) KNOWLEDGE AND APPLICATION OF SALES TECHNIQUES: The causes that may lead to poor knowledge of sales techniques are: 1 - previous experiences2 - presumption3 - prejudices4 - lack of effort in learning first and then in the application. Massimo Del Moro

  17. 8) KNOWLEDGE OF THE CUSTOMER’S PROBLEMS: 1.What is your customer’s (most urgent) need?2.What is his/her main point of interest?3.How can he/she make use of and benefit from what I propose? "FIND OUT WHAT YOUR CUSTOMER WANTS AND HELP HIM/HER TO GET IT" “QUESTIONS” Massimo Del Moro

  18. 9) KNOWLEDGE OF (direct and indirect)COMPETITION "LET’S LEARN EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR COMPETITORS,LET’S TRY NOT TO TALK ABOUT THEM" If you must talk about them, praise theCompetition. This is a safe rule and givesconfidence to your audience. Massimo Del Moro

  19. 10) SHORT TERM CONTACT SKILLS: "I will pay more for the ability of dealing with people than for any other under the sun". (J.D. ROCKEFELLER Senior) Efforts are made to have an immediate and comprehensive insight on the personality of people: it is very hard to understand the nuances and the differences. In general, we are too inclined to judge according to appearances, by using preconceptions that modestly (or unconsciously) we call theories. (“Knowing the others" by M. GAUQUELlN) Massimo Del Moro

  20. 11) LONG TERM CONTACT SKILLS The first rule to inspire confidence in people is: “TO DESERVE IT” (F. BETTGER “The wonderful seller") The second rule to win the confidence of people is: ”TO KNOW YOUR JOB WELL AND STRIVE TO KNOW IT BETTER AND BETTER” (F. BETTGER " The wonderful seller") Massimo Del Moro

  21. 12) CUSTOMER STRATEGY: Everybody can be our customers,they certainly will be in a short time.However now we should put ourresources where an immediate positive result and agreater future potential are most likely.Therefore, we must provide the "service"not to everybody, but to a "certain" market, which may even include all business categories. The customer list must be drawn up according to this principle. Massimo Del Moro

  22. 13) SELF-ANALYSIS:(search your heart) "Those who believe they are something have stopped to become it"Our chances of success are not confirmed by "what we have always known”, but by the new things we learn every day, or, to be more precise, from what we consciously do better today than yesterday. (G.KAESER) Massimo Del Moro


  24. 14) SELF-CONTROL:(Judge your actions) It is based on six types of work analysis: • analysis of individual visits; B. analysis of the daily work; C. analysisof the working week; D. analysis of the monthly/quarterly/annual work; Massimo Del Moro

  25. LET’S FACE IT Let me tell you that:1 - You could do nothing. And if so, you would have wasted your time by browsing these pages.2 - You can say: “There are some decent ideas, I will try to put them into practice”. In this case, I can forsee your failure.3 - You can follow Benjamin Franklin’s advice: do one thing at a time and do it well. In such case, you will be successful. "Many people are gripped by the fearof not having enough time.It is a fear that can be easily overcome.How?Instead of increasing your business hours,use those you already have in a more intelligent way“. (F. BETTGER) Massimo Del Moro

  26. www.massimodelmoro.it Download the free Ebook “Il Mestiere di Vivere” Massimo Del Moro