Wellcome to english 2 class
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Wellcome to ENGLISH 2 class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wellcome to ENGLISH 2 class. 2 nd Meeting. presentation. What shall we know in holding a presentation ?. Arouse audience’s attraction and signal the beginning. Shall we start. Can we start. Let’s the ball running. Let’s get down to the business. Let’s get down to the topic.

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Wellcome to english 2 class
Wellcome toENGLISH 2 class



What shall we know in holding a presentation ?

Arouse audience’s attraction and signal the beginning

Shall we start

Can we start

Let’s the ball running

Let’s get down to the business

Let’s get down to the topic

Greet the audiences

Good morning

Good morning Fellow classmates

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning respectable lecturer /guests

Introduce yourself and member of your team

I’d like to start by introducing myself /Let me introduce myself. I am ……., college student of visual communication visual

This is my partner. His/her name is ……

Introduce subject

Today I’m / our team is going to talk about

The subject of my presentation is …

The theme of my talk is ….

I’ve been asked to give you an overview of …

Close the presentation

I would like to finish by thanking you for your time and I hope that this has been of some use to you.

'Let me end by briefly recapping the main parts of my presentation. They are …

Thank you for listening – and now if there are any questions, I would be pleased to answer them

Question section

Thank you for your attention. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have

Does this answer your question? / Do you follow my words

Ok guys time is up class is over
Ok GuysTime is upClass is Over

See you next meeting