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Faces & Places of Northern Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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Faces & Places of Northern Ireland

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Faces & Places of Northern Ireland
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Faces & Places of Northern Ireland

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  1. Faces & Places of Northern Ireland

  2. Hugh Doyle (West Belfast) served 1 year on remand for bomb possession

  3. The Felon’s Club on the Falls Road, West Belfast

  4. Raymond McCartney: Sinn Fein representative at the Felon’s Club event honoring prisoners.

  5. McCartney served a 17-year sentence, refused food for 53 days during the first hunger strike in 1980.

  6. Gerry McDonnell at the Felon’s Club with his memorabilia of Irish history during “the Troubles”

  7. Gerry McDonnell (IRA): Interned 3 yrs., 3 mos. without trial (released 11-’75) Arrested 3-’77 (convicted of bombing London) Diplock Court sentenced him to 16.5 years Blanket Protester in HMP Maze (Long Kesh, H-block) 1 week on hunger strike 1980 Escaped from Long Kesh 1983 Captured in Scotland 1985 Released (GFA)

  8. Seamus pictured at the Internment anniversary bonfire in West Belfast. Notice the peace line in the background.

  9. Anthony McIntyre: IRA (1973-1998) 18 yrs in Long Kesh Blanket Protest Writes journal of protest (“The Blanket”) with wide-ranging viewpoints Critical of Sinn Fein

  10. Meeting with “?”: Joined the IRA 1972 IRA/Sinn Fein Dissident No photos were allowed Our group was dropped off at an intersection by taxi, met by Anthony McIntyre and brought to an undisclosed location Possibly head of the Continuity IRA ?

  11. Denis Bradley (Vice- Chairman, Policing Board): • Ex-Catholic priest • Oversees PSNI • Patten Commission made 175 recommendations to reform the RUC. • Opinion Spectrum on RUC: • Disband (republicans) • Leave as is (loyalists)

  12. Initial Problems with Police Reform: • Badge Design (use all symbols) • 50-50% Recruitment of Cath/Prot • Recruiting from less contentious areas, little from working class

  13. Gerry Adams (President/Sinn Fein) at the book signing for Sinn Fein: A Century of Struggle at Rodai Mac Corlai’s club on Glen Road.

  14. By bringing republicans into mainstream politics, Hume damaged support for his own political party, his response to critics was did they care more about saving lives or the party.

  15. Michael Copeland (Ulster Unionist Party): East Belfast representative Former commissioned officer with the Ulster Defense Regiment (UDR) Wife served in RUC and shot with an M60 machine gun in 1978 Member of the Orange Order (claims to walk rather than march in parades)

  16. Michael took us for a tour of Cluan Place…

  17. David Ervine (Progressive Unionist Party): UVF paramilitary Arrested for possession of explosives Six years in prison ‘Yes” vote on the Good Friday Agreement

  18. He believes Northern Ireland has a paramilitary subculture with conflicting moralities…”but look what they’re doing to us…”

  19. Margaret Ritchie (SDLP): Member of District Policing Partnership in County Down Predicts police force will take 20-30 years to reach proportional representation Claims Unionists did not bring people along on the Good Friday Agreement and have been intransigent on weapons decommissioning

  20. Gregory Campbell (DUP) East Londonderry: Claims 95% of Protestants want to stay with the UK and 60-70% of Catholics agree Peace process in a state of limbo, and will take a “wait and see” attitude with the IRA permanent cease-fire Resentful of discrimination against Protestants as a result of Catholic gains regarding jobs

  21. Falls Road Fun: Going to a 70s night at a local pub

  22. Festival of the People (The Beat)