Rising freshman scheduling presentation
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Rising Freshman Scheduling Presentation. TCHS Counseling Department. Unfortunately, Annie Pittman will be retiring; however, we will be gaining 2 new counselors next year. Laura Thomas Lead Counselor Ro –Z Ext. 2511. Leanne Cottrell A-EL Ext. 2513.

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Tchs counseling department

TCHS Counseling Department

Unfortunately, Annie Pittman will be retiring; however, we will be gaining 2 new counselors next year.

Laura Thomas Lead Counselor

Ro –Z Ext. 2511

Leanne Cottrell A-EL Ext. 2513

Cynda Wilson L-RiExt. 2516

Scheduling packet
Scheduling Packet

  • LISD Course Description Guide

  • Scheduling Worksheet/4 year plan

  • TCHS Course Selection Sheet (Lavender)

  • Career Center Course Selection Sheet (yellow)

  • PAP/AP Contract

Graduation programs

  • Recommended Program

  • Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)

2 Plans Available

What is the difference
What is the difference?

  • The DAP requires the same 26 credits

  • Requires 3 credits of the same foreign language instead of 2 credits

  • Requires 4 additional measures listed in the Course Description Guide on page 8

Recommended program

  • English - 4 credits (Eng. 1-4)

  • Math - 4 credits (Alg 1, Geom., Alg 2), then one additional math credit

  • Science - 4 credits (One credit in each course of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is required. A 4th science of your choice.

  • Social Studies – 4 credits (World Geography, World History, US History, Government, & Eco)

  • Foreign Language - 2 credits of the same Foreign Language

  • These courses are used to calculate GPA

Recommended con t
Recommended (Con’t)

  • P E (or waiver) 1.0 credit

  • Fine Arts 1.0

  • Speech (Comm App) .5

  • Electives 5.5

Course selection
Course Selection

P.E. – 1 credit

substitutions may include:

  • Athletics

  • Army ROTC

  • Band (1st 9-wks in fall only)

  • Drill Team (fall only)

  • JV Drill Team (fall only)

  • Cheerleading

  • External PE

Course selections
Course Selections

Fine Arts – 1 credit

  • Art

  • Band

  • Choir

  • Dance

  • JV Drill/Drill Team (spring only)

  • Orchestra

  • Theater Arts

  • Music Theory

Tchs class schedule

  • 4- 90 minutes classes in the Fall

  • 4- 90 minutes classes in the Spring

  • 8-Total credits per year


    1st period 8:15-9:45

    2nd period 9:53-11:30

    3rd period 11:38-1:53 (Lunch)

    4th period 2:00-3:30

Freshman required courses
Freshman Required Courses


P/AP Track

English 1 P/AP

Geometry P/AP

Biology P/AP

WD Geography P/AP or

Human Geography AP

You must return the

AP/PAP Contract

with signatures!

  • English 1

  • Algebra 1 or

    Algebra 1AB

  • Biology

  • World Geography

Math example sequence
MATH (example sequence)

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry

  • Math Models

  • Algebra 2

  • Geometry P/AP

  • Algebra 2 P/AP

  • Pre Calculus P/AP

  • Calculus AB AP

Science example sequence
Science (example sequence)

  • Biology

  • IPC

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Biology P/AP

  • Chemistry P/AP

  • Physics P/AP

  • AP Science

Pre ap english 1
Pre-AP English 1

Requires Summer Reading Projects.

You will not be able to drop this course

because you failed to complete the

summer reading assignment!

Rising freshman scheduling presentation

GPA Computation

Multiplier for a Regular Class is 1.1

Multiplier for a Pre-AP is 1.2

Multiplier for AP is 1.3

Sample 4 year plan
Sample 4 year plan



When choosing courses
When choosing courses:

  • Choose 4 core courses

  • Choose 4 elective courses

  • Choose 2 alternates

  • Choose both foreign language courses (ie, French 1 and French 2)

  • Students in more that 1 sport should register for the FALL sport and adjustments will be made in the SPRING.

High school credit for middle school courses
High School Credit for Middle School Courses

  • Algebra 1

  • Spanish 1

  • Art 1

  • Principles of Human Services

  • Communications Applications


  • Band, Choir, ROTC, and Athletics should be taken all year.

  • Choose both Fall (F) and Spring (S) as part of your 8 course selections.

Tchs electives fair
TCHS Electives Fair

Don’t know what electives to choose?

TCHS Electives Fair is scheduled for

March 21st!

Elective teachers will be available to answer questions

Career Center East and

Dale Jackson teachers

will also be available.

Course description guide
Course Description Guide

  • The Course Description Guide lists all of the courses that are available to all campuses in LISD.

  • If a course is not listed on your course selection sheet, you CANNOT sign up for that course. TCHS does not offer it or it is unavailable to freshman.

Rising freshman scheduling presentation

When choosing your courses

Check for:

  • Prerequisites

  • Teacher Recommendation required

  • Grade level requirements

  • Age level requirements

  • EX: page 73

Freshman course selection sheet
Freshman Course Selection Sheet


Freshman course selection sheet1
Freshman Course Selection Sheet


Career center course selection sheet
Career Center Course Selection Sheet

SCAN WITH Principles of Architecture & Construction, Algebra 1 or Geometry circled

Career center courses available to rising freshman
Career Center Courses available to Rising Freshman

Scan career center course card with all courses available to 9th graders circled!

Rising freshman scheduling presentation

If you plan to enroll in a Career Center

course at anytime, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

to have your 4 year plan in place to ensure

completing all your credits to graduate.

Rising freshman scheduling presentation

Four Year Plan


Username: LISD-JM123456

(last initial, first initial + student ID number)

Password: Birthdate (mm/dd/year)

Login with personal portfolio information

Schedule correction policy

Schedule Changes will ONLY be made

for the following reasons:

The student has not met the prerequisites for the course (ie, English 2, yet hasn’t passed English 1).

The student is repeating a course that was failed and has the same teacher before.

The student already has credit for the course.

If there is not a specific period scheduled.

To balance AP & PAP courses.

Schedule Correction Policy

PLEASE be mindful when choosing your courses!

The Master Schedule is made according to the

Pre-selection of students. There will be no room

for movement when school begins in August.

Rising freshman scheduling presentation


Schedule Change Policy

To change out of an AP or Pre-AP class to a Non AP or Non Pre-AP class after attending 3 weeks in the class, you AND your child must meet with the counselor, administrator and teacher before these changes can occur.

Scheduling materials due back
Scheduling Materials due back!

  • Materials due back to your Science Teacher on March 22nd

  • Don’t forget to attend the TCHS Electives Fair on March 21st!

  • TCHS Counselors will be back to enter your course selections on March 25th

Return only these items


    8 courses circled and 2 alternates

    parent signature and e-mails

  • Yellow Career Center COURSE SELECTION SHEET (if necessary)

  • P/AP-AP Contract (if necessary)


March 22nd


If you FAIL to return your

course selection sheet with

parent signature your

courses will be chosen for

you and you will NOT be

able to change them

in August!