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Pipestone Minnesota

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Pipestone Minnesota. Dakota Sioux Tribe By Michelle Lascon. Issu e.

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pipestone minnesota

Pipestone Minnesota

Dakota Sioux Tribe

By Michelle Lascon

issu e
  • The Sioux Nation is concerned with their local economic development council that is planning on making a Native American theme park in pipestone; which is just two miles away from their sacred quarries and ceremony locations.
    • The quarries sacred to the Dakota Sioux Tribe and are used for religious practices and to make ceremonial pipes.
  • There is no concern with the Sioux people not wanting to be behind the glass case as a display for white tourists.
issues continued
Issues continued
  • The Sioux people feel like tourists would be invading sacred areas and could interfere with their cultural ceremonies
  • McDonalds has offered to included a themed restaurant if the park is able to open.
  • This is a question of tourists attraction or sacred land. Who has the authority to say if like a theme park could be made so close to sacred land?
pipestone economic development authority
Pipestone Economic Development Authority
  • “It is the goal of the City of Pipestone to develop and maintain a diverse economic base conducive to the stability, vitality, and growth of local business and industry, while enhancing employment opportunities by attracting new business and industry”
      • Note that there is no statement about preserving any cultural or environmental aspects, yet they are trying to get rich off of them by developing businesses and theme parks around them.
the pitch
The Pitch
  • I think that it would be a great idea for a documentary to get the different views and motives from the pipestone community and Dakota community
  • There are problems with Native Americans being heard over the noise of investments and money in Pipestone so we should try to find out why they are not being a factor in the decision.
  • Budget for the film would be minimal with just camera cost, transportation, and room and board cost.
    • I would not need much money from you for a feature like this, but what I would like is support with my investigation and probing
  • The film will give the Dakota Sioux community a voice through the film; they have every right to be concerned about their culture being used for the cities economic benefits.
  • It will provide an informed perception of the issue in pipestone and show misinformed people the real concerns of the tribe behind the issue
o utcome
  • It is important to give a topic like this more media attention to ensure that the disrespect towards Native American communities do not go unseen and unheard.
  • The film would provide positive media that would widen the support of the Dakota Sioux Tribe.
c onclusion
  • Thank you so much for your time. I hope you are interested in becoming involved in the pipestone issue.
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