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OpenAFS Status Report. Cartel 2008 Stanford University. Starting with Microsoft Windows. 1.5.50 being released soon (as of press time). First build with Unicode support! Previous recommended release: 1.5.39. Major New Features in the last year. Vista SP1 and Server 2008 Certification

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Openafs status report
OpenAFSStatus Report

Cartel 2008

Stanford University

Starting with microsoft windows
Starting with Microsoft Windows

  • 1.5.50 being released soon (as of press time).

    • First build with Unicode support!

  • Previous recommended release: 1.5.39

Major new features in the last year
Major New Features in the last year

  • Vista SP1 and Server 2008 Certification

  • Performance Improvements

    • Hash tables, Lock management redesign, Interlocked operations for reference counts

    • The client service has been profiled and bottlenecks removed. Up to 63 MB/sec on 64-bit Vista SP1

  • Failover Improvements

    • RXKAD errors and Idle Data

  • Directory Searchs

    • B+ trees and local directory modifications

More improvements
More Improvements

  • Token management improvements

    • Try home realm first

    • No longer destroy token after RXKAD errors

  • Volume Status Tracking

    • Volume Notification Plug-in Interface

  • Rx multi Server Probes

  • Volume Group Management

2008 2009 plans
2008-2009 Plans

  • Native File System Client

  • Support for DOS and Extended Attributes

  • New user interfaces

    • Explorer Shell Extensions

    • Management Console plug-ins

    • Control Panel replacement

  • AFS Servers


Got questions about openafs on windows
Got Questions About OpenAFS on Windows?

  • OpenAFS for Windows Status Reports available at


  • Mailing List

And moving on to unix
And moving on to Unix

  • 1.5.50 includes

    • Support for new Tivoli TSM X/Open API libraries.

    • Patches for a regression in the Demand Attach Fileserver which could crash due to a race during volume moves.

    • A fix for a bug where clients might get VNOVOL during a volume release which has existed since pre-OpenAFS.

  • And then there are older updates.


Macos x

  • Few remaining issues.

    • And most just need a little time to kill them.


  • Getting tokens at login is (now) “hard”.

    • Interface for Kerberos plugins is a moving target.

  • AFSCommander tool available.

    • Integration coming.

    • Some bugs remain.


  • iget() is dead.

    • Cache manager opens files by path, as in OSX 10.5, to deal.

  • ARM port (Nokia n-Series support).

  • Usual AFS write-on-close semantics restored in 1.4.7, where possible.

  • The persistent “svn issue” is resolved in 1.5.50.


  • Interaction issues with various GUI environments have been addressed.

  • When shutting down, the client now tries much harder to deallocate resources.

    • It also now tries to tell you when it failed, so you may think you have new problems.

  • Erroneous token destruction from RXKAD errors is also fixed. (1.5.50)


  • Clients could tie up too many fileserver resources.

    • A quota is enforced during TellMeAboutYourself/WhoAreYou from the fileserver. (corrected in 1.4.7)

    • Servers and clients enforce dead time on calls. No more meltdowns. (1.5.39)

  • For security reasons a period (“.”) in your Kerberos v5 principal names was verboten.

    • Arguably misguided. Can be overriden by switch. (1.4.7)

And then there s test releases
And then there’s test releases

  • We want to issue 1.6. Help us test!

    • Split cache (dedicated portion for read-write data) has had issues addressed.

    • Linux NFS translator fixes.

    • Multiple (more than 2) local realms.

    • Partition size limit increased (well) beyond 2TB.

    • Readonly “disconnected AFS” for Unix clients.

    • Cache readahead.

    • Performance improvements at the network level.

And some near term coming attractions
And some near-term coming attractions

  • Cache bypass when you’ll never read it again.

  • Extended callback messages to optimize away unneeded traffic.

  • Integration of and updates to Rxk5 and AFS object storage.

Non technical discussions
Non-technical discussions

  • First year for Google Summer of Code participation.

    • Midterm just passed.

    • Most students show promise.

  • Organizational futures

    • Foundation incorporation just waiting on result of AFS trademark discussion with IBM.

    • A strawman of an independent standardization process written by Simon Wilkinson is now available

Openafs status
OpenAFS Status

Thank you for your support