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Recreation Marketing Chapter 10

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Recreation Marketing Chapter 10. Corey Kinser Billy Ray Weatherstone Randy Molina. Recreational Sports. Chapter 10.1. Facilities Versus Wilderness.

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recreation marketing chapter 10

Recreation MarketingChapter 10

Corey Kinser

Billy Ray Weatherstone

Randy Molina

facilities versus wilderness
Facilities Versus Wilderness
  • As part of their regional planning process, community leaders must recognize the need for recreational space for local residents, comparing financial viability and demand for adequate facilities.
  • They must consider the environmental impact of recreation.
  • Outdoor experiences such as backpacking, off-road driving, and rock climbing are destructive to wilderness areas.
  • Leaders need a good balance between the 2 needs.
managing c ustomer information
Managing Customer Information
  • Families with higher income are more likely to take part in recreational activities than families with lower incomes.
  • Managing marketing information through a customer database is critical to the growth of any recreation-oriented business.
is fitness a trend
Is Fitness A Trend?
  • Changing demographics are impacting the interest in recreational sports.
  • As people get older fitness becomes more important.
  • More youngsters than ever before are participation in both school and community sponsored sports.
  • The NFL and NHL are attracting and sponsoring more organizations than ever before because of kids interests.
  • Marketing of recreational activities and equipment will remain a challenge as recreation and entertainment compete for consumers' disposable incomes.
the future is here
The Future Is Here
  • Staying ahead of trends is another formidable task facing fitness and recreational marketers.
  • Promoting virtual adventure and fitness is a vital component of selling recreation in the twenty first century.
snowboard madness
Snowboard Madness
  • From sales and visits to snowboard shops the sport continues to grow.
  • Because of climate snowboarding was limited to certain geography's but now that is changing fast. Snow domes- indoor snowboarding facilities are popping up all over the world.
travel and tourism

Travel And Tourism

Chapter 10.2

the products
The Products
  • Traveling requires transportation, hotel accommodations, meals eaten at restaurants, and the potential to visit other attractions in the host city.
  • A major even can draw new customers to many segments of the community as well as huge revenues to the sports league.
  • Tourist are a major source of earning for sports and entertainment revenues.
  • The sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries join together with local governments to assure the best cities have to offer in hopes of attracting repeat business.
travel technology
Travel Technology
  • Technology has improved customer access to travel-related products and services.
  • Online sales of airline tickets, hotel reservations and other travel related products have soared over the past five years and are expected to continue to grow.
  • E-Tickets-Airline offer rewards and discounts to encourage their best customers to use the airlines web sites to book their own travel tickets called E-tickets rather then buy from travel agent.
lean times for travel agencies
Lean Times For Travel Agencies
  • Until recently travel agents were the traditional distribution channel for airline tickets.
  • But now consumers shop through airline websites and partnership travel sites such as Orbitz, which was developed by 5 major airlines.
price versus convenience
Price Versus Convenience
  • An online travel service attempting to offer a one-stop web site is Priceline has survived by offering the lowest prices and beating the competition at packaging airfare and hotel rooms.
  • Priceline doesn’t compete with travel agents because it is about low prices not convince.
  • The consumer is asked to price airline tickets, car rentals and hotel accommodations.
the business traveler
The Business Traveler
  • Airlines and hotels cater to business travelers who but last minute, high priced tickets. Business travelers are a major source of profit for the travel industry, with business fares composing 40 to 60 percent of airline fares.
  • Promoting business travelers, airlines offer member only clubs in most major airports.
the tourist
The Tourist
  • Three to four percent of all U.S. travelers choose their vacation destinations based on places they have seen in movies and television programs.
  • Self-Indulgence Travel- Includes luxurious surroundings and gourmet meals.
  • Culture Travel- Highlights historical, natural, or other special resources of an area.
  • Activity Tours- Are travel center around recreational activities.
  • Reality Tours- Unrelated to the numerous TV programs of similar name, they give tourist an opportunity to see some of the worlds political hotspots up close.
  • Ecotourism-is more than nature tours during which visitors enjoy the outdoors or observe wildlife. They are responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustains the well being of local people. Ecotourism attempts to minimize the negative impact of visiting sensitive environment and culture while helping people of the host county.
travel t o destinations
Travel To Destinations
  • Short Haul destinations, or those closest to the traveler’s home, fare better when the traveler is feeling insecure.
  • Low Season, or off-seasons, occur during times when the weather is less than ideal. The low season occurs in warm weather sites at the end of summer and in cold weather sites at the end of winter.
getting there is half the fun
Getting There IS Half The Fun
  • Promotion of a resort is wasted if tourist cannot find transportation.
  • Resorts and theme parks depend upon airlines as a segment of their distribution system to bring customers to them.
resorts and theme parks1
Resorts And Theme Parks
  • Resorts and theme parks are also popular tourist destinations. Theme parks are thought of as family oriented destinations while resorts are usually aimed at adults rather then children.
theme park central
Theme Park Central
  • Orlando, Florida is an extremely popular vacation site. There are 7 major theme parks in Orlando that bring more than 40 million tourists a year to the city.
  • Disney is a world leader in the theme park industry with its first park in china scheduled to open in 2006.
building a career
Building A Career
  • Marketing recreation and leisure is a wide-open field for employment. The travel and tourism business is one of the largest employment areas in the world.
planning the trip
Planning The Trip
  • Recreation marketing has a wide selection of career paths. Take some time in high school to find out about some of the jobs and what they require.
what s out there
What’s Out There?
  • There are marketing positions in every firm in the recreation business, although in small firms the positions may include other responsibilities.
  • The internet has brought about dramatic changes in the way jobs are located.
  • Job search sites such as and help employers see what's out there.
how about the real thing
How About the Real Thing?
  • Acquiring paid or unpaid work experience is an important stage of your career. Internships offered in the summer and/or during school are opportunities for you to see what companies really do.
  • Job Shadowing, Spending active work time with someone in a certain job or career for a few days can give you contacts for the future.
people skills are critical
People Skills Are Critical
  • Especially in marketing careers, managing your behavior is critical to success.
  • You are representing your company!
  • Adopting appropriate behavior as your own will provide you with a tool for success.