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I want to be part of the campaign! PowerPoint Presentation
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I want to be part of the campaign!

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I want to be part of the campaign! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I want to be part of the campaign!. The 1:1 Conversation. Mobilizing To Action: PSA. S olution : Hope What specifically & meaningful can be done about? P roblem : Anger A ction : Opportunity What are they angry about Make the specific & o r threatened by? d oable ask.

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Presentation Transcript
mobilizing to action psa
Mobilizing To Action: PSA

Solution: Hope

What specifically & meaningful can be done about?

Problem: Anger Action: Opportunity

What are they angry about Make the specific &

or threatened by?doable ask

organizing conversations
Organizing Conversations

Intentional conversations that go deeply into a person’s:

  • Issues: What we act on
  • Values: Principles, what motivates us
  • Interests: What’s our stake in it

Assessment from the conversation:

  • Capacity: What resources can be offered
  • Commitment: What resources are offered

Goal: Learn a person’s story and what matters to them.

Build a relationship, assess them, and figure

out potential common concerns.

mobilizing conversations
Mobilizing Conversations

Prompted conversations that make the ask.


Problem Action

Goal: Find common concern. Find what is a

problem or point of agitation for a person to make link

between person’s problem and the solution that leads

them to take some action.

1 1 dos don ts
1:1 Dos & Don’ts


  • Schedule time to have this conversation
  • Ask questions and plan to listen
  • Follow the PSA
  • Share experiences and deep motivations
  • Share a vision that articulates a shared set of interests for change
  • Be clear and very concrete about “when” and “what” of the next steps


  • Try to persuade rather than listen
  • Chit chat about private interests
  • Skip stories to “get to the point”
  • Miss opportunity to share ideas about how things can change
  • End conversation without clear plan for next steps
1 1 asks
1:1 Asks

Concrete Asks

“We are having a team meeting next Thurs. at 8pm. Can you come and help us brainstorm our March grassroots action?”

“We need more doctors giving presentations about the ACA. We’re having a Be An Educator training this Tues. at 7pm. Can you attend so you can help us do the med student presentation at the end of this month?”

“We’re in the midst of a critical letter to the editor push. We need to get 10 more letters written this week. Can you write an LTE by this Friday? I can send you our LTE guide, sample LTE, and info on where and how to submit it.”

“Can you hand out this ACA Myths & Facts flier to 10 people before the end of this week? Even just getting this flier in people’s hands can go a long way to helping educate people about the benefits of the ACA.”

Wishy-Washy Asks

“Do you want to join our state team?”

“Are you interested in being an educator?”

“Want to write a letter to the editor?”

“Here’s some fliers you can pass out to people.”

  • New sign-ups get routed to you
  • You set-up a 1:1 conversation with them
  • You PSA them – organize and mobilize!
  • They feel empowered and take action!
  • You engage them again and again and…
  • All the awesome work you do together gets reported back