Secrets of droon the magic escapes
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Secrets of Droon The Magic Escapes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GOOD VS. Evil. Secrets of Droon The Magic Escapes. By: Tony Abbott. A Journey of Good VS. Evil. good. Eric.

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Secrets of droon the magic escapes


Secrets of Droon The Magic Escapes

By: Tony Abbott

Secrets of droon the magic escapes


Eric is really Brave. He is trying to stop Sparr and Salamandra (Evil) from taking over the World. He is also wise with his actions. Eric does not give up when trying to stop them (Salamandra and Sparr) from taking over the world.


Galen is a very brave wizard. When Eric was in trouble, Galen swooped in and saved him from getting caught by goblins. He also made a shield to the protect the kids from Salamandra’s wand of spikes.


  • Sparr is very evil. He wants to rule the world. He wants to find the coiled viper because it’s very powerful. He is also very powerful too.


  • Salamandra is very powerful. She makes goblins get magic from different places (going in time) to make her (Salamandra) really powerful. Salamandra is very selfish because she won’t give a even a little bit of magic to the goblins.


  • The kids went into the past and encountered evil people (goblins).

  • They fought the evil people to keep them from taking over the world.

  • They fought there along the way using their special powers like the wand of Urik.


  • The evil characters were trying to take over the world so they could have all the magic in the world.

  • Salamandra used the goblins to try and stop the good people who were trying to stop them (the good people).


  • They were able to stop Salamandra from taking over the world.

  • They were in a boat chase and Salamandra went up the dark stairs and went in the jeweled door and was not seen again.