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Title (pt. 40). Presenter’s name 1 in collaboration with: Name 2 , Name 1 under the direction of: Prof. Tim A. Osswald 1. 1 Polymer Engineering Center University of Wisconsin- Madison 2 Department / Division Institution / Company. Title. Subtitle.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript

Title (pt. 40)

Presenter’s name 1

in collaboration with:

Name 2, Name 1

under the direction of:

Prof. Tim A. Osswald 1

1Polymer Engineering Center

University of Wisconsin-Madison

2 Department / Division

Institution / Company



Use this template for presentations of projects conducted in the Polymer Engineering Center.

Use Helvetica font for text.

Avoid significant font size variations.

When possible, limit the colors of text to Black, Red and Blue.

When possible, avoid the use of animation tools (transitions, text, images).

Don't overwhelm the audience by adding too many plots, figures or text to a slide.



Make sure the presentation follows a logical or chronological sequence.

When referring to software or equipment, include full name (i.e. COMSOL Multiphysics ®).

For conferences, include S.I. units in plots and tables.

Set videos to start automatically.

Avoid the use of figures and photos downloaded from the internet. If you do, include a reference.

Always prepare a conclusions slide.

*Rule of thumb: 1 minute per slide.


Include labels and/or legends

Use scientific notation when needed (1x103 instead of 1E3).

Units go on the scale

Visible scales

Use different types of markers. If you choose to use colored lines, avoid colors that are difficult to distinguish.

(Osswald, 2012)

Reference (Name, year)


Check on resolution of image. Avoid pixelated images.

Include scale

Courtesy of blank

Include courtesy when necessary


When possible, use plots to support equations

Energy equation

Equation title. Include reference when necessary.


Centered vertical alignment

Include units

Use reasonable significant digits

When possible, avoid the use of tables for numerical results. Use plots instead.


Prepare an acknowledgements slide when necessary.

Do not acknowledge co-authors.

When acknowledging companies, include the division/department.

Guidelines prepared by: W. Aquite, 2014