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The Renaissance

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The Renaissance. 1300-1600. Renaissance. Definition: Rebirth of art and cultural ideas of ancient Greece and Rome starting at the end of the middle ages Where: Started in Italy spread all over Europe. Why did ancient culture need a “rebirth”?.

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  • Definition: Rebirth of art and cultural ideas of ancient Greece and Rome starting at the end of the middle ages
  • Where: Started in Italy spread all over Europe
why did ancient culture need a rebirth
Why did ancient culture need a “rebirth”?
  • After Roman Empire ended in the 400s—people lived in small villages.
  • There was no communication between villages and no sharing of culture
how did ancient culture survive to be rediscovered
How did Ancient culture survive to be rediscovered?
  • During the middle ages Catholic Clergy copied ancient documents to keep them alive
  • Nobody was reading these things, but they still existed
how did the ancient cultural artifacts get rediscovered
How did the ancient cultural artifacts get rediscovered?
  • Merchants who traveled to far away places brought back goods and ideas
  • Soldiers coming back from the crusades in the middle east brought back goods from what used to be the Eastern part of the Roman Empire
  • Europeans also began to read classics from the Islamic Empires
characteristics of classical art
Characteristics of Classical Art:
  • Purpose of art to show importance of regular people as well as gods and goddesses
  • People in art were lifelike, but perfect
  • Bodies were portrayed as in motion
  • Faces were calm
  • Pictures of people doing regular things
  • Paintings had little or no perspective
marble statue
Marble Statue

Greek 5th Century copy of Roman Bronze


Diana, the huntress-goddess

medieval art
Medieval Art
  • The Purpose of art was to teach religion to people who could not read and write
  • How do you think medieval art will be different from Classical art?
characteristics of medieval art
Characteristics of Medieval Art
  • Most art showed Jesus, Saints and people from the bible
  • Important people and things were shown larger than everything else
  • Figures were still: no movement
  • Fully dressed, serious faces
  • Two dimensional
  • Bright colors, solid color background

Baby Jesus and Mary

renaissance art
Renaissance Art
  • The purpose of art was to show the importance of people and nature in addition to religion
characteristics of renaissance art
Characteristics of Renaissance art
  • Religious and non religious scenes
  • Nature
  • Lifelike 3D figures---knowledge of anatomy
  • Action
  • Both nude and clothed
  • Real people doing real things
  • Faces express feeling
  • Colors respond to light
  • Symmetrical
  • Background with perspective