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Generations Pass. By: Chris Brinley. The generation interviewed. Grandparents Graduating class of 1957 Born in the year 1939 Interview focuses on their high school years. Common Clothing/Symbols. What did the normal kids wear? Nicer slacks (tapered) Collared shirts with collar popped

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generations pass

Generations Pass


Chris Brinley

the generation interviewed
The generation interviewed
  • Grandparents
    • Graduating class of 1957
  • Born in the year 1939
  • Interview focuses on their high school years
common clothing symbols
Common Clothing/Symbols
  • What did the normal kids wear?
    • Nicer slacks (tapered)
    • Collared shirts with collar popped
    • Belt with buckle on the side
  • What did the “dead-beats” wear?
    • Blue jeans (sometimes not allowed in school!)
    • White t-shirts
  • Common words and phrases found in the 50’s
    • See ya
    • Da shadow he know (confused, making fun of)
    • See you later alligator
    • Dead beats
    • What the…
what was most valued
What was most valued
  • School and education was highly valued
  • Being athletic, involvement in sports was equally as important
  • Friendship was a large aspect of their lives
was college as important as it is today
Was College as Important as it is Today?
  • Many kids were not motivated to go to college
    • Factory jobs were readily available, kids did not see the need for college
  • Those who did well in high school tried to go to college
  • Money was a main factor in deciding if they go or not
boy girl relationships
Boy/Girl Relationships
  • The boy always asked the girl out
  • It was almost seen as demeaning for a girl to approach the guy
  • This still holds true today
where did most teens hang out
Where did most teens hang out?
  • “The White Spot”
    • A drive-in
    • Sold mostly burgers, malts, and fries
  • Drive-ins were very common; movie theaters as well
were cars common among teens
Were cars common among teens?
  • Not at all, most kids did not have cars
  • Only those who worked owned a car
  • Generally, parents did not support luxury items
were drugs alcohol and pregnancies a major issue
Were drugs/alcohol and pregnancies a major issue?
  • Drugs were not common at school
  • Most kids did not have parties, alcohol was not an issue
  • Only once girl in a class of 500 got pregnant
how does all of this compare to todays teens
How does all of this compare to todays teens?
  • Although some aspects have stayed the same, as the years have passed, so have the ways that teenagers act.
  • What has changed:
    • Clothing
    • Personal belongings
    • Language
    • Teen behavior (alcohol, sex etc.)
    • College
common language used today
Common language used today
  • Head-ass
  • Neck boy
  • “lol” or “haha”
  • Solid
  • Forreal
  • A lot of language used today is abbreviated text, or rather “text-talk”
    • This is most likely so because cellphones did not exist in the 50’s
importance of college
Importance of college
  • College is highly valued today
  • Almost all students feel the need to attend college
    • Most jobs require some sort of college degree
  • Financial aid is readily available
teenage behavior
Teenage behavior
  • Drugs are much more common in todays day and age
  • Most kids will throw/attend parties where alcohol is available
  • With trustable protection, sex is becoming much more common, certainly at a younger age
why have there been these changes
Why have there been these changes?
  • Technology:
    • Cellphones were not available, this has effected language
  • Clothing:
    • Fads are present, these trends come and go periodically
  • Teen behavior
    • Teens do not value their virginity as much today, as a result, they have sex at a younger age
generations pass1
Generations Pass
  • It is apparent that life has changed over the past 60 years
  • People change mainly as a result of what changes around them
  • Although some things remain solidified as norms, many behaviors have, and will continue to change