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~~**Xavier University**~~. By: ~*Naja Rabon*~. About Xavier University.

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By naja rabon

~~**Xavier University**~~

By: ~*Naja Rabon*~

About xavier university
About Xavier University

Xavier University was found by Saint Katherine Drexel and was found in 1831. Xavier is the only historically black Catholic University in the U.S. Xavier has 70% African American students, but Caucasians go there also. There is about 3,338 students all together who attend at Xavier. Students have to complete sixty-six hours of liberal arts courses in English, Literature, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, History, African American Studies,  Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Theology, and Social Sciences.

By naja rabon

Where is it Located???

  • Xavier University is located in Louisiana and Cincinnati Ohio. Xavier is in the right places at the right time.

Who is their current president
Who is Their Current President?

  • Xavier’s current president is Norman Francis. He was born March 20, 1931. Norman has been president of Xavier University since 1968. Norman Francis received a scholarship from Xavier when he attended there. He is also the chairman of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

What are the entrance requirements
What are the Entrance Requirements?

  • In order to get into Xavier University, you will need to submit an official transcript of your secondary work.

Their notable alumni
Their Notable Alumni

There is a whole list of famous graduates, but I’m only going to name a couple such as Jim Bunning who is in the Hall of Fame in Baseball, Dennis E. Eckhart- a former Congress man, and Patricia L. Herbold who is a United States Ambassador to Singapore.

Curriculum strengths
Curriculum Strengths

  • Xavier’s curriculum strengths include twenty areas of study, and 62 majors. Some examples would be Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, City College, Music, and School of Law.

What happened in their past
What Happened in their Past?

  • There was almost a distinction of Catholic and Historically Black colleges because of Xavier University. In 1915, St. Katherine Drexel found the school and she offered to teach Native Americans and blacks.

What are some activities they have
What are some Activities they Have?

Xavier has Men’s Basketball, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Football Team, Women’s Track, Women’s Volleyball, and Women’s Tennis.

How much does it cost
$$ How Much Does it Cost? $$

  • Xavier cost $26,860 for out of state! I know, that’s a lot, but it’s totally worth it if you’re willing to go to Xavier University when you get older!

Total enrollment of students
Total Enrollment of Students

  • There is 2,666 gender distribution there, and 28.4% of males there and 71.6% of female and there is 27 acres of campus. So there is lots of room for you there.

What areas of study do they offer
What areas of Study do They offer?

  • They have Ohio Arts, Visual & Performing, Fine/Studio Arts, and Music. I would love to try out for the Ohio Arts and see if I like it or not.

Athlete s team name
Athlete’s Team Name

Xavier’s football team’s name is Xavier Gold Rush.

Website address
Website Address

  • I used Xavier’s homepage website-Xavier University of I also used Google’s web search and