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  1. WISP Follow on Reporting

  2. WISP Reporting • PMU Count - Devices • PMU Count - Substations • PMU Count - Signals • PDC Count • System Description - From PMU to Applications • High level description of the system used to deliver PMU data to applications • System Performance • Performance information and method used to determine. Also report performance improvements and techniques used to improve performance

  3. WISP Reporting • Data Sharing - Yes or No? • Data Sharing - Text Description • Who with, and intended use • Procedures (Operating and/or Planning) - Yes or No? • Procedures (Operating and/or Planning) - Count • Procedures (Operating and/or Planning) - Text Description • Applications using synchrophasor data - Count • Applications using synchrophasor data - Text Description • Control schemes utilizing synchrophasor data - Count • Control schemes utilizing synchrophasor data - Text Description

  4. WISP Reporting • System Performance Indicators - Count • System Performance Indicators - Text Descriptions • Changed or New system performance indicators, describe the resulting benifit • Applications and Control Schemes • Model Validation • System Dynamics • System Resiliency and Restoration • Synchrophasors used to mitigate or reduce disruption/outage • Synchrophasors used to maintain and restore following an outage • Transmission Capacity • Organizational Efficiency/Effectiveness

  5. PeakRC contact • Scott Downey •

  6. Peak Reliability Synchrophasor Program

  7. Data Management • Phasor Data Availability and Accuracy • GPA PDQ Tracker • White paper on the development of a new open source product used to gather metrics on phasor data availability, which will include alarming and reporting for developing a phasor data availability dashboard • State Estimator comparison tool • White paper on the measurement errors found, how they were found, any new tools developed to find them, and how the issues were resolved or mitigated • Registry • Self-Serve Registry • Registry API • Use the registry for making historical data requests • Use the registry API for adding circuit information to COMTRADE • White paper pros / cons using CIM for model • Open PDC • Research issues with adopting open source applications • Model Validation • Use synchrophasor data to help develop missing elements in the generator models

  8. Interconnection Baseline Correlation • Data Analysis tool • Expand to generic phasor data archive analysis tool • Dynamic / Generic tool will require the development of a GUI • Non structured analytics (pattern detection) • PI data analysis • Investigate Hadoop for processing the large data sets • Determine infrastructure impacts • Investigate non-utility industry existing solutions • Include correlation of power system variables e.g. • Generator trips • Temperature etc. • Take advantage of query libraries developed in house • White paper describing the baselining tools and any correlation found with archived data and system behavior of the Western Interconnection • Documentation detailing possible actions and operational procedures to the operating community for further investigation and discussion • Historical archive • Event data automation • Semi-automatic data request • Self-serve request front end for historical data developed and deployed • Documentation of policies for distributing archived synchrophasor data

  9. Control Room Solutions • Open Source the PI Based BPA MAS Solution • WAV • Seek partners e.g. Idaho Power, PAC • Technology Options Study (ESRI Based Solution?) • Investigate new tools for display • Delivery of KML data to participants to overlay on their own systems • Phase Angle Difference pairs • Mode meter • Consider determining alarm levels of quantities to alert users to look at WAV (Reliability Messaging Tool) • Synchrophasor data delivered to members via ICCP • Determine ICCP sample delivery rate • Raw angle data vs. Pair Angle Delta • T&DCE (Montana Tech) Mode and Oscillation detection engine • Develop better architecture and API • Align work by WSU with Montana Tech DLL for interoperability • Common API • Revisit spectral estimation • Summary of improvements in accuracy, speed, and ease of use of the API to Modal Analysis Engines including documentation to enable tool use by vendors and researchers.

  10. V&R Energy grid operator’s monitoring and control assistant • Voltage Stability, Grid Control and Monitoring • SCE has initiated a separate project with V&R to develop cascading portion of the tool • Clarify the split of functionality between the real-time and off-line versions of the tool • Report describing voltage stability and linear state estimation functionality tested and deployed including inaccurate data detection and prediction of grid state after corrective action taken

  11. Phasor Gateway • Use cases and requirements • Technology Options Study • Develop costing model to compare with existing C37.118 • Summary of evaluation of the use of synchrophasor gateways for more efficient use of the Wide Area Network

  12. BPA Synchrophasor Project • PMU additions for linear state estimating • Develop and test automated controls • GPS clock availability and potential hardening • Advanced synchrophasor applications • Summary detailing completed test algorithms for production RAS system • Summary detailing deployed automated controls to control voltage following monitoring period