pv grid penetration in public grid kosrae utility authority n.
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PV grid penetration in public grid Kosrae Utility Authority PowerPoint Presentation
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PV grid penetration in public grid Kosrae Utility Authority

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PV grid penetration in public grid Kosrae Utility Authority - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PV grid penetration in public grid Kosrae Utility Authority. APAC – ADB meeting Manilla Fred Skilling - CEO June 2011. Kosrae – Key Energy Statistics. Current situation in Kosrae. Energy Action Plans of Kosrae State. AIM : become less dependent on imported fossil fuels

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pv grid penetration in public grid kosrae utility authority

PV grid penetration in public gridKosrae Utility Authority

APAC – ADB meeting Manilla

Fred Skilling - CEO

June 2011

energy action plans of kosrae state
Energy Action Plans of Kosrae State


  • become less dependent on imported fossil fuels
  • Provide affordable and stable electricity to all Kosrae households and business


  • Introducing more RE sources
  • Improving the grid-efficiency
energy action plans re section
Energy Action Plans – RE section

Total Capacity that KUA want to install is 400 kWh / 2009 action plans mentioned a gradually approach but can be speed-up after evaluating existing installations.

under EDF-9 -> 56kWp installed and results very satisfying.

  • Phase 1: PV grid connected plant at KUA, ground mounted 200 kWp.
  • Phase 2: 100 kWp at government buildings and upgrade of KUA’s plant with another 100 kWp

Ongoing1.5 MW Wave energy power plantIPP structure under a PPA with KUAEstimated purchase kWh rate: 0.10 - 0.15 USD / kWhGeneration cost: 0.02 USD / kWhOperation of wave power plant: end 2011

kosrae s approach
Kosrae’s Approach
  • 2 high priority projects on action plan:
  • 1st Grid – connected solar
  • 2nd wave energy
  • KUA has started preparing both projects
  • in the meanwhile looking for other solutions for other technologies
  • KUA has started planning for IPPs (Solar-Wind Hybrid etc)
  • Work parallel on all these projects
funding for the additional 400 kwp pv
Funding for the additional 400 kWp PV
  • Rough price estimate: US$ 2,400,000 ($6,000/kWp)
  • Project implementation in two phases:
  • 150 kWp with EU EDF-10 funding (= $900,000)
  • 250 kWp with either use of the Japan PEC fund or a combination of a grant and a loan as matching grant.
  • KUA is also stimulating private investors to start an IPP (Independent Power Producer) under a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) arrangement
  • Interest in this is showed by two PV companies
why kua s interest in renewable energy
Why KUA’s interest in Renewable Energy ?
  • Before 2008 => 100% dependent on diesel
  • In 2008 => installed 52.5 kWp PV grid connected solar on 5 different locations: 1 car park shading and 4 rooftop installations
  • Results for utility very satisfactory
  • Wave Energy: generating cost very low => IPP
  • Becoming less dependent on expensive imported fossil fuels!
  • Provide electricity to KUA’s customers' for an affordable rate
why grid connected pv
Why Grid connected PV?
  • The sun is the best-measured renewable energy resource in the pacific countries
  • Crystalline PV modules have a proven track record in the pacific
  • Amorphous panels are being introduced as test in Kosrae in 2008 (1 kWp)
  • Suited for Pacific context of limited land availability: no additional land required if the PV arrays are on roofs
  • Scalable technology
  • Low maintenance, as there are no batteries
pv prices are coming down in 2008
PV prices are coming down! In 2008…


8.17 €/Wp

World prices


6.76 €/Wp

grid connected pv in kosrae
Grid connected PV in Kosrae
  • The previous table showed prices in Euro
  • Today the price of grid connected PV solar (installed) is between USD 4.50 / Wp and USD 6.75 / Wp installed in the Pacific.
  • This means that from 8 euro (= USD 11.25) the price went down to USD 5.50 or more than 40% !
current trend
Current trend…
  • Currently, projects in the Pacific can expect:
  • PV modules: 3.00 – 4.00 US$/Wp
  • Inverters: 0.50 US$/W
  • Installed systems: 5.50 US$/Wp

And theseprices are going down…

system overview
System Overview
  • Crystalline modules chosen for their proven track record
  • One small system with Amorphous modules (1kW)
  • Extended warranties purchased on all inverters
  • Total of 6 systems: 5 are roof-mounted and 1 is on car park shading
  • Data loggers installed on all systems
price per kwh current rate in kosrae 39 us kwh
Price per kWh(current rate in Kosrae: 39 US¢/kWh

Yes indeed… installing Grid Connected PV is a

financially attractive alternative!

current systems
Current Systems
  • 52.5 kWp installed on roofs of airport, legislature, hospital, governor’s office, and KUA car park
  • 1 kWp installed on the recycling plant
  • Installed in September 2008
  • Average production 5,800 kWh/mo.
  • Specific yield: 1,340 kWh/kWp/yr
energy assessment
Energy Assessment

Issues Raised

1- Supply and Installation of 5 PV Grid-Connected Systems:

  • Faulty Inverter at the Airport installation

2- Maintenance of the PV Systems:

  • Issue of the Solar PV Tariff system.

3- Monitoring of PV Systems:

  • Monitoring of the 5 PV grid-connected systems.

4- Project Impacts:

  • Beneficiaries and Public awareness and perception of the PV systems.
existing pv system s present status as monitored
Existing PV System’s Present Status as Monitored
  • Faulty Inverter at airport installation was replaced in November 2010 - No problems since
  • Solar panels are guaranteed for 20 years, Inverters and other electronic equipments are guaranteed for 5 years
  • On line monitoring of the PV grid-connected systems not yet in operation but high on the wish list
  • All systems are performing well and as utility we are keen to increase the PV penetration to 500 kWp
  • Awareness and information to end-users important

Next slide will give you an overview of the performance of the PV systems

kua s and kosrae s future
KUA’s and Kosrae’s future
  • Between 2012-2014 → 57% renewable
  • In 2015 ….
kosrae s picture for 2015
Kosrae’s picture for 2015
  • PV – 20 %
  • Wind – 5%
  • Wave – 50 %
  • Diesel – 25%
  • In other words: 75% renewable
concluding note
Concluding note:
  • PV grid connected solar systems is a viable option for Kosrae
    • 1st phase additional 400-500 kWp
    • 2nd phase 500-750 kWp
  • 1.5 MW Wave Power plant in progress
  • Kosrae and KUA are actively looking for energy efficiency measurements – DSM and SSM
  • KUA interested in SMART-grid
  • Together we are working on becoming less dependent on the pollutive and expensive fossil fuel
thank you
Thank You